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Tuesday July 19th 2016

The smarter phones get, the dumber people get.

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Thursday May 5th 2016

Jalapeno Pepperoni
Red made pizza last night. She had accidentally picked up some Jalapeno Pepperoni instead of the regular Pepperoni. No big deal, as I like a bit of spice.

I swear, though, the Pepperoni was spicier going out than it was going in......

Tags: poop

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Monday May 2nd 2016

Customer service
I recently bought an RC airplane on ebay. It was used, but working fine. Well, it was supposed to be working fine. Turns out it didn't work fine.

It has a bad servo, and the servo in this case is mounted on the main control board, which is a $60 part. I contacted the manufacturer/distributor, Horizon Hobbies, and explained that I'd bought a used plane, and it turns out it's broken. I was hoping maybe they'd send some parts for me to fix it.

What did they do? They sent me a whole new plane. For free!

Now that's customer service!

I have 4 RC cars, 2 RC radios and 4 RC planes from Horizon Hobby now, and they've earned a lifetime customer, barring any royal screw-ups along the way.

Thanks, Horizon Hobbies!

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Friday November 20th 2015

Chinese solid state relays
I guess I should have known better, but I ordered a solid state relay off ebay to use in a project.

Basically it was one of the cheapest options, brand new, and had the specs I needed.

I needed one that would allow me to power it using 2 AAA batteries, so I got one that had a 3-32VDC input voltage.

I received it yesterday, and promptly hooked up a lamp and my DC power supply.

I apply 3VDC. What happens? Nothing.

So I turn it up to 3.5VDC. Nothing.

Not until I get to 4.2VDC does something happen. The lamp starts to flicker.

At 4.4VDC the relay finally goes full on.

Too bad that's about 1.4V more than I have available. :(

So yeah, don't expect these things to work anywhere near specifications.

The seller seemed to think that 1.4V wasn't that big of a difference, and that maybe I was just expecting too much out of this. No, I was just expecting it to work within the specs the seller listed.

Tags: China junk solid state relay ssr less than meets the eye

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Friday April 17th 2015

In contrast to the Uptown Funk garbage, here's some actual good music!

ELO - Kuiama (1973)

Tags: Electric Light Orchestra is good music Mark Ronson is not

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Tuesday January 27th 2015

Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson


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Saturday January 10th 2015

Need for Speed (2014)
I'm currently watching this movie. And I've gotta say, this is a horrible movie!

I have about 1 hour 20 minutes left of it and I'm not sure I'm even going to finish it.

It really is that bad.

Tags: nfs worst movie ever?

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Thursday December 4th 2014

My new addiction
Started playing Team Fortress 2, and it's a hoot!

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Thursday December 4th 2014

Making some changes....
Finally after several years I'm giving up on the Opera browser.

Opera 12 was great, awesome and damn near perfect.

Then last year they went to the new Opera based on Chromium. This was the beginning of the end. I managed to stick with it until now, but enough's enough.

I'm now using Chromium.

Tags: opera chromium browser no

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Monday August 11th 2014

Happy Birthday!
It's Red's birthday today!

Tags: Happy Birthday Red

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Saturday June 21st 2014

Year one
Well, it's been a year! Red and I have been married 365 days today!

Happy anniversary to us.

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Monday February 3rd 2014

Rubber boots!
So we (Red, kids and I) were at WalMart the other day, and we happed to walk by the rubber boots. I bought some a year ago or so, and at the time they had a couple different sizes of US made boots, a handful of Canada made ones and a bunch of China made ones.

This time, there were no China made ones at all. They had a bunch of US made ones, and still had Canada made ones as well.

This made happy. :)

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Tuesday December 24th 2013 (Entry was updated on Tuesday December 24th 2013)

Merry Christmas

With that out of the way, onto something else.

The last couple times I've ordered a breakfast at a restaurant (yes, I eat breakfast for dinner at times!) they've managed to screw up my order. The restaurants in question are Bob Evans and Cracker Barrel.

At Bob Evans I wanted a breakfast that had eggs, bacon and other stuff (can't recall). In fact, I wanted it just as pictured, so what better way to let the waitress know by simply pointing to the picture and telling her I want it just like pictured.

Even when I do, though, the waitress seems to insist on asking questions ("You want toast, like pictured?". "Yes!"). In the picture was a picture of a couple eggs, sunny side up. The way I prefer them.

Okay, so order is done. Now wait. After a while, the food shows up. The eggs? They're there, but don't look anything like pictured. In fact, they look over medium, not sunny side up. Fine, whatever, I can live with that.

Fast forward a few weeks (last weekend), and Red and I find ourselves at a Cracker Barrel restaurant. Again I order breakfast (served all day, you know). Again the meal consists of eggs, bacon and such. Again, the picture shows eggs sunny side up. So again I point to the picture and tell the waitress I want that meal, just as pictured.

A bit later the food comes out.. Guess what? Yup, eggs are over easy again. WTF?!?

I check the receipt, and it states over easy. Even with that, the eggs are more over medium than easy, but who cares, really. Easy vs. medium is a small problem compared to over easy vs. sunny side up.

So two different restaurants, two different waitresses, same problem. Aren't they required to at least know the difference between the two methods of cooking eggs?

I like the eggs well enough either way and will eat them anyway, but it still leaves me wondering.

Tags: it's not as easy at it seems... it seems.

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Wednesday October 30th 2013 (Entry was updated on Friday November 1st 2013)

I know I'm not popular

But if even one or two people see this, that's better than none:

Youtube link

I'd never heard the original song before, but I loved this version. So I Youtube'd the original, and... it sucks! This cover is magnitudes better!!

Edit: And now that I've listened to their "Stay" cover, I'm suitably impressed. I actually like the Rihanna version of Stay, which typically mneans I'd hate a cover version of it, but not so! These guys have talent, and if they don't go far, it's an injustice.

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Monday September 23rd 2013

World War Z (2013)
Who doesn't like a good zombie movie?

Unfortunately, this isn't a good zombie movie. It's mediocre as a zombie movie at best, and then you add the other stuff that's wrong with it.

I especially liked the shape shifting C-130 Hercules airplane. I guess both planes they used had 4 propellers and were painted gray, but other than that they're really not that similar. Did they really think we wouldn't notice?

The first time I saw a zombie in this movie, my thoughts turned to the Twilights series. I haven't seen the Twilight movies, but I've seen clips here and there from them, and the way the zombies in the movie lunge towards the humans looks pretty much exactly like the vamps or wolves (I can't recall which, maybe both?) do in the Twilight movies.

Overall I was very underwhelmed by WWZ.

Tags: World War Z, the zombies are here, not good, watch something else

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Thursday June 27th 2013

Well, it's offical: Red and I got hitched!

Tags: ball chain wedding bells married marriage ever after

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Friday June 14th 2013

That's where they draw the line...
So the kids were watching a movie the other day. I believe it was one of the Madagascar movies. In one scene, a shark jumps onto land and chases some other characters or something like that (I haven't seen the movie, so I don't really know).

X asks "Can sharks breathe on land?". I tell him "No, they cannot".

His reply? "Oh okay, so that's fake then".

Yep, he draws the line at sharks breathing on land. Never mind the talking animals, the penguins driving ships and all that. Nope, sharks breathing on land. That's over the line!

Tags: kids say stuff

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Thursday May 16th 2013

Dell PowerEdge 1800 power supply woes
We have a PE1800 server at work, and while ago one of the redundant power supplies died. I found a slightly used replacement for $170 and popped it in.

Then, a couple weeks ago I needed to shut the server down. When I powered it back up, one of the power supplies didn't come up. So I needed to find another replacement. On ebay I found PowerEdge T605 power supplies (Delta DPS-675AB) for $30 shipped. The retention mechanism is totally different, but the overall shape and such looks to be a match. So I buy one.

After some basic checks, it conclude that the power transmitting pins of the power supply match those of the PE1800 PSU (Delta DPS-650BB), but I don't know if the control pins match. Only one way to find out, since I'm unable to find any diagrams for either PSU. Just plug it in and see what happens. I figure with the power pins being a match, that worst that should happen would be nothing.

So I try to stick it in, and it doesn't go all the way in. It's clearly hitting a hard stop. So I look at the old PSU and notice there's a notch in the case that's not on the new PSU. Out comes the wire cutters, and I hack a notch.

Original PE1800 PSU:

T605 PSU missing the notch. Area to be notched marked by laying the old PSU on top of the new one and tracing it with a fine tip black marker:

Ugly notch made with wire cutters:

It works:

Now that I knew the PSU will work, I bought another one to keep as a spare since one never knows when the source will dry up. I took it home and milled a slot in it so that it looks a bit nicer. I used a 5/16" end mill, which is a hair bigger than the original slot, so that exact placement of the slot wasn't all too critical. The actual size of the slot it more like 9/32", so the difference isn't much, nor does it matter that it's bigger than needed.

I've pulled one PSU at a time to make the server run off either, and it works without a hitch.

So there you have it. Two replacement PSUs for $60 vs. one for $180+.

Tags: dell power edge server psu power supply delta 650W 675W watt 650 675 cheap

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Thursday April 4th 2013 (Entry was updated on Thursday April 4th 2013)

And these are the people running the country.....

Politician supporting stricter gun laws doesn't know that you can reload a gun magazine.

Politician thinks Guam will tip over.

Personally I think saying something this ignorant should be grounds for immediate dismissal.

Tags: We're doomed!

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Tuesday March 12th 2013 (Entry was updated on Tuesday March 12th 2013)

Argo (2012)
I had my doubts about this movie. I'd only read about it on IMDB, and hadn't seen any trailers. How exciting could a movie about the CIA getting some people out of Iran be?

As it turns out, it was a good movie. I was totally into it, and could feel the suspense.

So yeah, even though it's nor historically not politically accurate, it was still a good movie.

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