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Tuesday December 5th 2006


I hard drive in an old server at work died yesterday. At first I didn't think it would be a big deal, since the server has a RAID5 array on it. Imagine for a moment what it would feel like to discover it's not a RAID5, but rather a RAID1 array. ARGH!!!!!! The last 9 years I've assumed it was a RAID5 system since that's what we ordered back then.

To make things worse, since it's an old server and was scheduled to be replaced by our brand new SBS2k3 server, AND the tape drive in the old server was on the fritz, there hasn't been a full backup since before New Years. This also shouldn't really have posed much of an issue, since all the data on the server had been transferred to the new server long time ago. With the exception of two or three user folders, that is. Of course, it just happens to be that those two user folders contain a lot of stuff, some of it very important.

The reason for not transferring the handful of user folders is that all users with the exception of those two or three have their home folders on yet another server. It simply slipped my mind that those two or three folders were still on that server. :o( So a lot of factors came together to screw me over. But I guess in the end, it's my fault.

I gotta see about having data recovery quoted for the bad drive. Not looking forward to seeing the price on that!

It snowed last night. About 3" I guess. That's about 3" too much, since I still have my Kumho Ecsta Supra 712 tires on the car. Not only are they totally not rated for any kind of snow, they're also wore down fairly bad, so it's like driving on ice. I just hope I don't have to stop on any kind of incline until I get the winter tires on.

On a lighter note, the 4x4 on the 4-wheeler makes for really tight and fast donuts! Makes me dizzy!

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Thursday November 30th 2006

Don't really have anything worth posting today.

A picture of lake effect snow. Click on the picture for more info, or go to to see other cool pictures from NASA.

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Tuesday November 28th 2006

Well, while the Gillette Fusion Power isn't leaps and bounds better than the non-powered version, it does't feel a bit better while shaving. The actual shave might be slightly better too, but hardly noticable. The vibrations from the razor seem to make it "float" over the skin a bit better. Feels really nice when I'm shaving my nuts too. Just kidding!

I've been organizing/cleaning/sorting my garage a bit lately. It's getting to be pretty well organized, I think.

I finished paying off the ex-wife for the house! It's all mine now! She also finally came and got the last of her junk.

Red is looking into buying a car. She saw one she likes. Apparently it's silver, has 4 doors and costs $3000. That's the extent of what she knows about it, and based on that information, she wants it.

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Wednesday November 22nd 2006

Just a little notice of a future review. I got a Gillette Fusion Power last night. Walgreens were having a deal that I really couldn't pass up. Buy one Fusion (power or not), and get a Gillette Venus Vibrance and a Gillette Fusion aftershave for free. The whole thing for only $8.99. To make the deal ever sweeter I used two coupons for $1 off that I got with my freebie non-power Fusion Razor. So $6.99 + tax for all that (regular retail value about $30). Pretty good deal if you ask me. The Walgreens deal is good through the 25th, so if you need a new razor, now's the time. Here's the Walgreens ad.

SO look for a review of the new razor soon.

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Tuesday November 21st 2006

Review: Miami Vice (2006)

When I heard about this movie I thought "Ugh.. that's gotta suck". I was a fan of the original TV series. Of course, now that it's back on TV, I've seen it a little bit here and there. It's pretty crappy. Nowhere near as good as I remember it being. But I guess that's pretty much true for anything you remember from your childhood.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised. The movie didn't suck anywhere near as much as I was expecting. Not a great movie either, though. And what's up with Castillo being a black guy? There were moments during the movie where I almost felt like I was watching Miami Vice. This is especially true for the end of the movie, which I found to be classic Miami Vice style.

Rated as a Miami Vice show.. Not so great. Rated as an action flick, pretty decent.

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Monday November 20th 2006

I finally got momma-dog dropped off at the humane society. They aren't supposed to take out of county dogs, but they took her anyway. I also gave them the leash I got for the dog, 1/2 bag of food and a $150 donation. Hopefully they can find a home for her. It was sad leaving her there. She wanted to come with me, and tried to run after my car as I left. :o( But hopefully she'll find a good home.

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Thursday November 16th 2006


I'm sick, again! I just got over one illness, and now another one is coming on strong. Great. I don't know what's happening to me. I never used to get sick. Maybe once every 3 years. This makes like 3 times so far this year.

I feel like crap, that's for sure.

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Wednesday November 15th 2006

Movie review: Superman Returns.

I was never a fan of super heroes. I'm still not. I tolerated The Fantastic 4 and X-men (all 3) movies. Now I've tolerated Superman Returns. I was left feeling... blah. It wasn't good, it wasn't bad. It just.. was. I think it's leaning more towards chick flick than action flick. With that said, you'd think I'd like it, since I tend to like chick flicks. Maybe on a different day I would have, but on this particular day I was wanting an action flick that would give my subwoofer some exercise. I think there were a total of 2 sub-shaking parts.

Overall rating: Meh.

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Monday November 13th 2006

Well, the humance society finally returned my call. Too bad they did it on a Sunday and I left them my work number. Now I'll probably have to wait another week for them to get back to me. I haven't called 'em yet today, 'cause I've been busy at work fixing e-mail server issues. Very frustrating stuff!!

But yeah. Momma dog is still with me, but now at least I see light at the end of the tunnel.

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Tuesday November 7th 2006

Still have momma dog. Apparently the Humane Society aren't humane enough to actually answer the phone. I think I'm gonna have to call 'em and leave a message saying I want to make a donation. I bet that would make them return my call.

Got two reviews today. First up:

Trainspotting (1996)
A movie about drugs, and Scottish swearing (shite!). It wins the award for the most use of the word "shite" amongst any movies I've seen. That's actually the one word out of all the dialog that you'll easily understand. The rest takes some concentration and dechiphering, as it's a pretty thick Scottish accent. You get used to it after a bit, though, so it seems easier. I still missed some dialog here and there.

While there's a bunch of heroin use, violence, swearing and occasional nudity (wohoo!), the movie isn't all that bad.

Basically it follows 5 friends over a period of time, showing how drugs can affect them and the people around them. It stars Ewan McGregor amongst others, so for Ewan fans it's a must-see, I guess.

I give it two thumbs straight up.

Next review: Gillette Fusion
Not a movie by any means, but a razor. I've used Gillette Sensor, Gillette Sensor Excel, Schick FX Diamond, Schick Quattro and now lastly, Gillette Fusion (non-powered).

Dude, it's got 5 blades! I don't know why they don't just go directly for 10. This one-upmanship is just silly.

That said, the Fusion does shave very well. The biggest gripe I had about the Schick Quattro was the closed "deck". That is, the area above the blades where the cartridge mounts to the handle. The Fusion has a very open deck, which makes rinsing the blades very easy. The Quattro is a PITA to get clean (lots of banging it on the sink is needed to shake out the shavings). This alone makes the Fusion superior to any of the other razors I've tested. The Fusion also has a rubber coated handle, so if you for some reason do need to bang it on the sink, it's not a very loud bang. The Fusion also has a better retention mechanism than the Quattro. The cartridge would keep popping off the Quattro when said banging was performed. No sign of that yet on the Fusion.

Red commented that my face was very soft and smooth the first time I used the Fusion.

My face gives the Fusion two thumbs up! Combined with Edge ActiveCare shaving cream, it does a very good job.

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Monday November 6th 2006

Found a home for the last pup too. Only the mom left now. I've been trying and trying to get in touch with the local (well, next county over, since the local one is full) humane society to see if they can take her, but they don't answer their phone nor return messages left on their machine.

Mommy-dog was lonely last night. Poor thing. :o(

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Thursday November 2nd 2006

Well, I still have the dogs. Haven't called animal control. Called the local shelter, and they're full. Have another shelter I'm gonna call too.

I've found homes for two of the puppies so far, so I'm down to mom and one pup.

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Wednesday November 1st 2006

I feel better.

I found the dogs after work and brought them home. I fed and watered them, then made a bed for them in my garage. They're doing fine.

Pictures here

I'll have to call animal control or something to have them picked up today. :o(

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Tuesday October 31st 2006

I feel horrible.

Went for a walk with the dog at lunch as usual, and 1/2 way through, I run into a lab mom with 3 puppies. They end up following me home no matter how much I try to make them go the other way. As I eat my sandwich and such, they wait for me on my porch. I was hoping they'd give up and go home (assuming they have one).

When I go to leave, they're still there, and they follow my car as I pull out of the drive way. Not knowing what else to do, I drive down the same way I walked the dog, hoping they'll follow. They do. So I idle the 2/3 mile to where I met them. I get out of my car and tell them to go find home. I give 'em all a rub on the head, then get in my car and pull away. The mom follows at first, but then gives up when she realizes I'm going too fast for her to keep up.

I felt horrible just leaving them there. Someone probably just dumped them there 'cause they didn't want to deal with the pups.

I still feel horrible about the whole thing, and will have to go down that road on the way home... If they're still around I have no choice but to bring them home with me and see what I can do to get them a home.

Did I mention I feel horrible about the whole thing? Seeing the looks on their faces as I pulled away was gut wrenching.

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Monday October 30th 2006

I got myself a new digital camera. It's a Canon S2 IS. Bought the display model since it was a clearance item at Target, and it was the last one they had. Got it for $124. Not too shabby, considering regular price was $349. I ordered a 2GB SD card for it this weekend too for $22. I had to "argue" with the Target people to make them realize that the camera was actually on clearance. Turns out nobody had updated the price tag lately.

Got a Samung 215TW 21" wide screen LCD monitor for $149 after rebates from Office Depot a couple weeks ago. Sweet deal, since regular price was $499! It too was a display model, but had only been on display for a couple weeks. They added a 2 year protection plan for free, making the warranty 5 years.

I have a feeling some bad luck is coming my way soon. Too much good luck coming my way lately!

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Tuesday October 24th 2006

Made Norwegian style pancakes (more like crepes) for dinner last night. Yum!!!!

Got up too late this morning, so I had 1/2 pancake for breakfast too!

Yeah, I have a lot to say.

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Monday October 23rd 2006

I discovered I still have the heart-shaped waffle waffle iron (yes, two waffle in a row is intentional... the iron is round, but it makes heart shaped waffles.. anyway) this weekend. I thought maybe the ex had taken that too, but it's still there. That inspired me to make waffles this weekend. They came out pretty good. Not quite like gramma's old waffles, but close enough. Too bad I didn't have any sour cream or strawberry jam to go on 'em.. I had to settle for sugar. It wasn't bad, though.

I also had french toast for the first time this weekend. Red cooked breakfast. I only had my usual honey & oats (and nuts) bread, so it wasn't your typical french toast. But I liked it. I decided to get some white bread later that day for future french toast. :)

My friend M wants to buy a 12 ton bulldozer.

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Sunday October 22nd 2006

Movie review: A Walk To Remember

Wow. What a... movie. What an incredibly crappy movie. So wonderfully predictable. Stupidly acted. Not to mention, Daryl Hannah.. OMG, so she's so ugly! I ended up skipping trough the last 20 minutes or so 30 seconds at a time. I still didn't miss anything. Even the dialog was super predictable.

Obviously this movie was meant for 13 year olds, which explains the casting of Mandy Moore. I really didn't know anything about the movie before I started watching it. Had I known what I know now, I obviously wouldn't have watched it.

Man, icky weather today. Wet, "cold" and windy.

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Friday October 20th 2006

I'm comin' 'round to open the blinds
You can't hide here any longer
My God you need to rinse those puffy eyes
You can't last here any longer

And yes they'll ask you where you've been
And you'll have to tell them again and again

And you probably don't want to hear tomorrow's another day
Well I promise you you'll see the sun again
And you're asking me why pain's the only way to happiness
And I promise you you'll see the sun again

Come on take my hand
We're going for a walk, I know you can
You can wear anything as long as it's not black
Please don't mourn forever
She's not coming back

And yes they'll ask you where you've been
And you'll have to tell them again and again

And you probably don't want to hear tomorrow's another day
Well I promise you you'll see the sun again
And you're asking me why pain's the only way to happiness
And I promise you you'll see the sun again
And I promise you you'll see the sun again

Do you remember telling me you found the sweetest thing of all
You said one day of this was worth dying for
So be thankful you knew her at all
But it's no more

And you probably don't want to hear tomorrow's another day
Well I promise you you'll see the sun again
And you're asking me why pain's the only way to happiness
And I promise you you'll see the sun again
And I promise you you'll see the sun again
And I promise you you'll see the sun again
And I promise you you'll see the sun again
I promise you you'll see the sun again

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Wednesday October 18th 2006

Remember what I said about women and their motives?

How 'bout lying and being deceitful in order to find out if someone else is trustworthy? Seems totally back asswards to me. But as I said, I don't know what women think or why they think that way. I suppose it makes sense to them.

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