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Monday January 15th 2007

Took some pictures of the cool ice today. Here's a couple of 'em:

First one
Second one

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Monday January 15th 2007

Saw III (2006)
I've seen the other two Saw movies, so I knew what to expect. I must say I was pretty disappointed, though. While the other two movies didn't really give the victims any other way out than what "Jigsaw" had designed for them, the third installment was full of other ways out. Like when he reached for the key in the cold room. Why not put the shirt between his face and the bar? After having doors slam shut behind him numerous times, shouldn't he have wised up and realized that most likely the door would slam shut, so maybe prop it open with something? Personally, if I was in his situation, once I got out of the box, I'd just hop out one of the windows and get the cops.

While it's an entertaining movie, there are just too many dumb choices going on.

I suppose we'll see Saw IV soon enough.

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Thursday January 11th 2007

Accepted (2006)
Wasn't expecting much out of this movie, which turned out to be a good thing. It reminded me of the average high school/college movie of the 80's. It had some funny moments, but overall it was pretty dumb.

Not awful, though.

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Tuesday January 9th 2007

No movie reviews today. I'm going to attempt writing some actual "blog" content.

I tried welding for the first time ever last weekend. I've heard that MIG welders make chumps into champs. I'd have to say I agree. I did okay from the very get go. Not the best looking weld in the world, obviously, but I've seen worse!

I bought a siphon sand blaster this weekend at Home Depot. $12.97 or so. I figured if it didn't work that great, no biggie. Turns out it works just fine, though. I need to find a local supplier of blasting media, though. And I need to build a blasting cabinet. Sand just makes too much dust, breaks down too fast and can also cause Silicosis.

With my new sandblaster (or the more politically correct term, media blaster) in hand, I went nuts on a bunch of car parts this weekend. After cleaning them up, I put a coat of paint on them. They look nice (for now). I'm not one for bling, so I painted them flat black. Only my brake calipers were blinged out in bright red!

I got a "care package" from my mom for Christmas. Contained some Norwegian recipes (that I asked her to send.. gonna see about coooking some Norwegian cuisine), candy, chocolate, a marsipan pig and some misc other stuff.

It snowed this weekend! And there's still snow on the ground (lawn).

FedEx was supposed to have delivered a package to me yesterday. Last status they have is that it went on the delivery truck on Saturday. I'm waiting for the "tracking agent" (I bet they have badges and everything!) to call me back to tell me they lost my stuff. Great.

My 4-wheeler still runs and drives. The drive shafts stay together now! Yay! I tell ya, that thing is so useful! I use it for all kinds of stuff! Clearing ditches for drainage, moving cars, clearing out my woods, pure fun and just this weeekend I used it to move an old water heater out of my basement.

Red and I are still dating, although we don't see each other much. Since her mom hates me, I try to stay away from her. I don't feel like being somewhere I'm not welcome.

Energy Suspension still haven't sent the replacement bushings I'm waiting for. I'm less than impressed by they expediancy.

I finally got a key for the front door at work. Only took just short of 10 years!

Coem summer I have a bunch of stuff I need to do around the house. The biggest project will be putting new shingles on the roof. I've never done a roofing project of this magnitude before, so it'll be a learning experience. I know I'll have to replace some wood too, especially the facia boards. I get the feeling whoever did the last roof job cut a lot of corners. Time to do it right.

I also need to seal my driveway. I haven't done squat to it since I moved into the house 9 years ago! You're supposed to seal it every other year or so. Got plenty of cracks to fill too.

The porch/deck paint I used on the porch this summer doesn't seem to be holding up all that great. The high traffic areas already show evidence of wearing through the paint. :o(

Okay, I guess that does it for now. Ta-ta!

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Monday January 8th 2007

As mentioned, I watched Children of Men this weekend.

Children of Men (2006)
Set in 2027 in England. The world has become infirtile. Nobody knows why. The youngest person on earth is 18 years old. By some miracle, a fugee (basically any non-brit) has become pregnant. The movie details how the main character tries to help this pregnant woman to safety by getting her to "The Human Project", a group of scientists that might use her and her child to find a cure for the infirtility.

Pretty good movie overall. I was expecting more based on the reviews, though.

Eraser (1996)
A classic Arnie flick. Typical shoot/blow-em up movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the hero. It's plainly obvious that it's not one of todays CGI-type movies, where everything other than the actors are computer generated. Even, so, though, it's entertainment. A somewhat weak plot, but then, who cares. Stuff gets shot up and blown up!

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Monday January 8th 2007

La da da da da da ..If you would only listen
You might just realize what you're missing
You're missing me....

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Friday January 5th 2007

So didya catch The Office and Scrubs last night? Good episodes!

So it's January 5th, and there hasn't been any snow yet! Plenty of rain, though.

I'm getting ready to do a bunch of stuff to my car. Just waiting for a couple of missing bushings to come in (yeah, Energy Suspension, that's you guys I'm waiting for!). Gonna put on new struts/shocks, springs, control arms, control arm bushings, knuckles, spindles brake rotors and brake calipers. The car will handle and stop a bit better. :o)

Gonna see about watching Children of Men this weekend. Supposed to be good. I'll post my pov when I've seen it.

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Tuesday January 2nd 2007

Oh, forgout about this movie:

The Da Vinci Code (2006)
After all the hype about this movie, I finally watched it this weekend. I was expecting some great movie, but it really wasn't. It was an entertaining movie, but not "All That". It did bring up some "interesting" pov's, though. Too bad the movie didn't show the "end", where we would find out if Jesus had offsprings or not. A bit of a spoiler for those who haven't seen the movie, I suppose, but I bet most people have by now. It would be cool if somehow someone did prove that Jesus was but a regular man, though. Or maybe not... I don't see a happy outcome if that happened.

Movie rating: It was all right.

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Tuesday January 2nd 2007


Flags of Our Fathers (2006)
WWII movie about the battle of Iwo Jima, and the men who partook in it. Tells the story of the Iwo Jima battle, and the raising for the flags on Mount Suribachi. Then the story shifts to the home front, where the military used the raising of the flag (you've seen the picture and/or statue, I'm sure) as a symbol of impending victory in the war. The military needed money to fund the war, and they needed to sell war bonds to get the money. People in general were not positive about the outcome of the war, and the campaign launched by the military using the flag raising as a means to change people's minds worked. The story is told from the son of one of the soldiers' view point as he's writing a book about the events of Iwo Jima.

I thought it was a very good movie.

Kelly's Heroes (1970)
More WWII, but this time a bunch of gung-ho fiction. A group of US Army soldiers get word of a stash of gold bars in France, 30 miles behind enemy lines. They set out to get their hands on this gold. Donald Sutherland stars in the movie (along with a host of other "old school" actors like Clint Eastwood, Telly Savalas, Carroll O'Connor etc). Usually Donald plays a serious charactor, or even a villain. But in this movie he plays Sgt. Oddball, a weird and funny tank commander. I was totally surprised by his character, as it's so "out of character" for him. The movie obviously looks like it was made in 1970, so the special effects are pretty basic. But overall it's a pretty funny movie, and great entertainment. It's not every day you get to laugh at WWII!

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Wednesday December 27th 2006

Wow! I'm rich!

Today some guy from Nigeria that inherited a lot of money from his uncle told me he'd share it with me if I gave him all my banking information so he could deposit the money in my bank account! Apparently the Nigerian government wants the money, so that's what he has to deposit it in my US based account where they can't get to it.

Now, in all seriousness, this post and the previous post are both jokes. Basically making fun of the junk e-mail I get. Apparently I didn't make that clear enough in the other blog entry. I thought the sarcasm was pretty obvious, but I guess not. *shrug*

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Tuesday December 26th 2006

Busy morning already! Seems Fifth Third Bank, eBay, Bank of America and some other financial institutions all somehow managed to lose my username/password and financial information! So I had to spend 20 minutes typing it all in for 'em! Talk about embarassing for them!

While I was at it I invested in some penny stock that's about to take off too. And I figured since I I'm an investor now, I should have a cool watch, so I bought a really cheap Rolex! Heck, I even bought some Vi@agggrraraa just in case I'll need it when I grow older.

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Monday December 25th 2006

Movie review time!

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
Wow. Where to start. This movie is utter crap!

I F-FWD through the middle and end, 'cause it was just dumb and boring. Only the racing scenes were worth watching, and even they were shitty. No NASCAR ever races at around 7000rpm and then downshifts to pass! Especially at Talladega where they're at wide open all the way around.

I'm a "fan" of NASCAR. I think the best part of the whole movie was the TV commentator crews. Oh, and Pat Benatar singing "We belong". Larry McReynolds had the funniest line the movie when he asked how Ricky Bobby got down to his underwear that quick. Not a really funny line by any means, so that says volumes about the fun-factor of the rest of the movie.

So yourself a favor, don't watch this crap. And please Hollywood, stop casting Will Ferrell in every movie! He's really not that funny. I think he did his best in Elf.

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Saturday December 23rd 2006

Oh, and Merry Christmas too! :o)

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Saturday December 23rd 2006

Well, the data recovery was successful. The second company charged $3100, vs. $6000 for the first one. The first company claimed one drive had a bad circuit board, as well as the drive that died had a bad motor of sorts, and could possibly have surface damage.

Yet, somehow, the second company ( managed to clone the bad drive without opening it up. Guess the motor wasn't that bad after all.

I picked up a 10" compound miter saw from Amazon today. On sale for $69.99. This is a "professional" grade Hitachi saw with a 5 year warranty. Regular price is $169.99. I've been wanting a sliding compound miter saw, but for $70 I couldn't pass this one up.

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Wednesday December 20th 2006

Kind of a scary moment while taking a leak last night.

I'd been in the garage putting a new light bulb in the 4-wheeler. Once I got in I needed to take a leak, so I did. As I was shaking out the last drop (well, not really shaking, as that just gets pee all over the place.. more like squeezing, I guess. But I digress!) a drop of blood landed in the bowl!

Some sort of panic set in, obviously. I'm not exactly used to my pecker bleeding!

Fortunately, the blood was from a small cut on a knuckle (pretty much cracked from being dry and cold). Phew!

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Tuesday December 19th 2006

Did any of you have your Christmas gifts professionally present-wrapped? Or do you prefer to gift-wrap your own presents?

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Monday December 18th 2006

Sat through two more movies this weekend:

The OH in Ohio
Apparently 30 million US women have never had an orgasm. This movie is about one of them, and her husband. Her inability to cum makes the husband feel like a failure. They go see a councelor, but that doesn't really help. She ends up at an adult toy store, where she gets herself a "beginners kit". Her new vibrator does wonders, and she pretty much ends up becoming addicted to it and orgasms. This drives the husband over the edge, since all along he though she was just unable to cum. Now that he knows she can, he feels like an utter failure and needs something (someone) to make him feel better. It's a pretty funny movie, and worth seeing.

To End All Wars
A true story about mostly Scottish POW's during WWII. This movie tells the story of how these soldiers were tortured by the Japanese during their "stay" in the POW camp. The Nips (as they're referred to as in the movie) used the POW's as slave labor to build the Death Railway. The movie made me wonder how the Japs could do such a thing. They saw themselves as a superior race to the white man. Fortunately this is mostly a thing of the past now (at least in Japan. The middle east is a different story). While the movie is about WWII, there's very little actual "war" in it. Pretty much none. Kiefer Sutherland is in this movie, and he somehow manages NOT to ruin it. I'm sorry, but after the first season of 24, I've had enough of this guy to last me a lifetime. 24 should never have had a season 2 (or 3 or 4).

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Saturday December 16th 2006

I sure hope I'm done with the bad luck for this go-around.

On Wednesday I was trying to figure out a problem with the phone system at work, and "accidentally" erased the entire numbering plan (tha's basically all the settings for the phone systems.. names, numbers, line setup etc). I say "accidentally", since was in fact trying to erase an NPL (numbering plan) entry. Little did I know that the designers of the software (Coral View Designer) decided that having a function that erases the entire system available on the right mousebutton context menu was a good idea. I mean, how often does one need to erase the entire system?!? Anyway, it took over 3 hours before the system was up again. All that was needed was to restore the NPL from the nightly backup, but this apparently is something the phone supplier doesn't want us to do as end users. Instead they want to drive 2 hours to get to our place to fix it. This even when the whole thing is covered under our maintenance agreement.

Got a Christmas bonus from work this week too. I wasn't even sure I was gonna get one this year with everything that's happened lately. Glad I did, though.

I watched a couple movies this week:

The Devil Wears Prada:
A chick flick in its truest sence. So obviously, I liked it. Meryl Streep did a good job acting evil. She really makes you feel like smacking her upside the head. But, as is with all movies about evil people, you know there's gonna be a soft side sooner or later. And such was the case with TDWP too. Although I have to say they took their sweet time showing it.

I don't think the usual guy will enjoy this movie. Even though it's about the fashion industry, there are very few attractive women in it. Heidi Klum makes a very brief appearance, but not enough to justify setting through the whole movie. Your significant other might appreciate you making an effort, though, and who knows, maybe she'll reward you later.

Thank You for Smoking:
Big tobacco vs. the world. And somehow, you end up rooting for big tobacco! I've always been a strong non-smoking advocate. Stems from growing up with a mom that smoked. But even I had to feel for the guy. Heck, he was good at what he did (lobbyist for the tobacco industry). As one who loves to argue (debate), I loved when he explained to his son the difference between arguing and negotiating. You don't have to be right as long as you prove the other party is wrong. I enjoyed this movie a lot.

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Saturday December 9th 2006

"You, me and Dupree"

Just finished watching this movie. As in 5 minutes ago or so. I was in the mood for a good movie tonight. Considered quite a few before getting to the end of the alphabet, and with it, to "Y". I'm glad I went all the way to the end.

You, me and Dupree was a good movie. I liked it. I learned a few things from it too. One, Kate Hudson is pretty. And two, I like Owen Wilson as an actor. I don't know if this movie is characterized a romantic comedy or just plain comedy. It had both in it, though. I can't really say anything bad about the movie. It was entertaining and I wasn't bored. Excellent use of Cold Play's "Fix You" at the end of the movie too.

I installed an antenna pre-amplifier today. Yes, I still use an arial antenna! I now get a bunch of channels in HD, and regular analog channels are also coming in better. I got the "flag ship" of antenna amp's, the Channel Master 7777. Got it and another one as a package deal off eBay. I guess I'll sell the other amp (a Winegard model) again, since the 7777 does the job. I was a little afraid that it might have a little too much gain, but it doesn't. I'm around 32 miles from the nearest TV tower, and the 7777 is recommended for 35+ miles.

With the new Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-950 USB HDTV tuner I got today, I can now watch and record HDTV on my Media Center computer. The HVR-950 is also an analog tuner. Amazing what they can fit in a little gizmo like that. There was a time when a simple analog TV tuner took up a circuit board that was several square inches! Now it's pretty much all in one little chip.

Went to Home Depot today too. Got some salt for my water softener. I haven't had salt in it in years. Picked up a couple rugs that were on clearance too. Put them in my kitchen.

I bought a couple 5-shelf book shelves from Staples the other day. They too were on clearance, and were marked down to $24.99 each from $50. I looked at Home Depot today, and similar shelves were in the $50 range. I'm pleased with my deal. Delivered for free too!

I think I'm turning into a gadget freak. I saw a commercial on TV for an electric tooth brush today. Usually not something that interests me, but then I noticed it had an LCD display on it!

'til next time.

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Friday December 8th 2006

A correction to the previous post: The drives were set up as RAID 0, not RAID 1 as I said. I never could keep those RAID numbers straight. While I referred to it by the wrong number, the operational theory was correct.

Remember when I said I've had too much good luck and some bad was bound to come my way? Well, it's here.

The tape drive from the server is also dead, so I can't even look at the backup tapes I have. Even if I could, the odds of them being good are now pretty low, since the tape drive was probably screwed up during the last few backups too.

The first data recovery company quoted me $6900 to recover the data. When I said that's too much, they lowered it to $6000. I have another company that I'm gonna have check it out too, and they've quoted me quite a bit less so far. Ugh.

I'm still driving on summer tires. They really don't work in the snow. At all.

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