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Wednesday July 5th 2006

I thought this was worth sharing... From a newsgroup posting regarding small engine problems.

Sounds like the old "Lawn Boy" mower I had. My wife used to fill it up with
just gas. (Ex wife that is) It was a two stroke. (The mower was-the wife was
a no-stroker after wedding cake cured her nymphomania) Anyway, the engine
would lock up, and be sitting on the porch for me when I got home. She was
an idiot. (The ex wife) I'd pull out the plug, (on the mower) fill up the
cylinder with some Marvel Mystery oil, let it soak for a bit, then turn it
backwards to unlock it. It was a little tough to start the first time, but
eventually did start and ran fine. Happened about 10 times, no kidding, and
that mower must have lasted about 8 years-about the same amount of time as
the marriage.

LOL. Not like he's bitter or anything.

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Wednesday July 5th 2006

Another movie review. I really should get a life.

"Everything is illuminated". A story about a 3rd generation american jew that travels back to Ukraine in search of his grandfather's past. While the movie does have a story to tell, it was lost on me. This isn't due to bad movie making or anything like that, but rather that over half the dialog was in russian, and I didn't have any subtitles. My russian is a bit rusty these days, dah.

I think I managed to grasp what was going on, though. But I can't honestly give it any kind of rating. I think even with subtitles it would only have been a so-so movie.

I'm back to work today. It feels.. early.

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Tuesday July 4th 2006

It's July 4th! You best be out celebrating your independence!

I celebrated by fixing my 4-wheeler. The 3-wheeling this weekend gave me inspiration. The reason it was broken down is that I bought some new drive shafts for it, but it turns out the manufacturer screwed up making them, so they kept coming apart while riding. Quite a bummer when you can only ride for 30 seconds before you have to park it.

Although I haven't gotten the fixed/repaired/replaced drive shafts back from the mfg yet, I got tired of waiting. So I put some ingenuity to good use and came up with a way of driving it with only rear wheel drive. Not what Polaris made, but maybe what they intended? The thing is a lot of fun to drive this way. Power slides at full speed is easy as a breeze. It's a bit more dangerous too, since you can't really power it through turns like you can with the 4x4. Other than that, it doesn't seem hampered much at all by being RWD. It climbs rocks and powers through the unchartered woods around my property like a champ.

I just hope I managed to avoid the posion ivy.

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Monday July 3rd 2006

I just finished watching a movie, and I thought I'd talk about it while it's still fresh. Note: There may be some spoilers within.

I also want to download a song from the movie, so I'll have some time to type while it's going. The song is "Suspended from class" by Camera Obscura. The movie featured a good pick of music, but part of the lyrics of this song ("I should be suspended from class I donít know my elbow from my arse") caught my attention.

Anyway, the movie... "Imagine Me & You". Basically, it's about lesbians. Already you want to see it, right? Well, not so fast. This movie, I think, falls dead center in the "chick flick" category. Sorry guys, there are no hot lesbian sex scenes in it. All you get to see is two women kissing (which in itself is pretty cool). It does paint a pretty picture of lesbians, though. Unfortunately, in the real world, few lesbian couples are this good looking.

The movie is british. All british. Not a single american person in it. This may turn some you off already, but you'd be cheating yourselves out of a good movie experience. In a nutshell, the plot goes: Boy meets girl. Boy marries girl. Girl sees girl at wedding. Girl makes out with girl. Boy gets sad and leaves girl. Girl ends up with girl.

Incidently, that song seems to be rather hard to find....

Back to the movie. It's funny, it's romantic, it's sad. There's some pretty darn good humor in it. Lots of one-liners. The girl's dad is a funny character. Always blabbering on about nothing. Only in the end does he really come into play and show that he's not a nutcase.

I couldn't help but cheer on the lesbianism during the whole movie. Sure, you feel bad for the guy whose brand new wife turns lesbian, but at the same time, you can't help but feel that true love should conquer all. True love between two women in this case.

The song, btw, can be sampled here.

The ending climax (not the sexual kind, sorry) scene brought back memories of Crocodile Dundee in NY. Remember the subway scene where they relay messages? This movie has a similar scene, which in itself has a funny part or two to it.

Just when you think that it'll have a bittersweet ending (happy lesbians, heartbroken guy), there's this little nugget: "Oh, you're writing a book? Great, because I can read". So yeah, it's a happy ending for all!

So basically, it's a british movie with actors you've never heard of. There's no nudity. So while you guys might not want to see it, do your girlfriend a favor and watch it with her. Not only will she be happy, you'll probably end up enjoying the movie too.

"You're a wanker, #9!"

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Monday July 3rd 2006

Hey hey.. Another entry. Two for one today.

I remembered that last week I was going to post a movie review here, but I forgot all about it. So I'll do it now while it's still on my mind.

First off, "The Fast and The Furious 3". OMG. Seriously. #1 was all right. #2 sucked. #3.. It left me speechless. I don't see how it's even possible to put together such a crappy movie. Where the hell do they get actors that are that bad? The acting sucked a metric ton of buffalo ass. Actually, I'd say the whole movie did. It was painfully predictable, horribly filmed and lacked anything to keep me remotely interested. And since when does 1/2 of Japan talk american english? I pray to the movie gods that there's not a #4 in the series. I give it two thumbs up its ass.

Next movie, "Click". At first it seemed like it would just be another typical Adam Sandler funny movie. But it wasn't. It was different in many ways. For one, it had a great plot (even though it too was pretty predictable.. or at least you think so untlil the end). I didn't think Adam S. had it in him to be much other than funny and make strange noises. But in this movie he pulls off what can only be considered a huge feat for him. If all you want to do is laugh, then don't see this movie. It takes you on an emotional roller coaster. You will laugh and cry during this movie. More cry than laugh. This is honestly one of the best movies I've seen in a long time, and give it two energetic thumbs straight up in the air. Go see it or rent it when it comes out. You won't regret it. Unless you're expecting a Kung Fu movie, of course.

Another movie that comes to mind is "Saving Private Ryan". I watched it again a couple months ago since it is rumoured to have one of the best surround sound tracks of any movie. Being a fan of WWII and movies about it, I couldn't help but like this movie. And the surround sound track does kick ass. The movie is also pretty darn good. Some pretty powerful scenes in it, including when the mother gets notification of her sons' fate.

For more sweet surround sound tracks, try "Master & Commander" on for size. Cannonballs flying over your head do sound sweet.

For a movie that's not good, and does not have a good sound track to it, try "Syriana". I suppose if you're into politics it may be of interest, but I found it pretty boring. It did scare the crap out of me, though. The movie is so "quiet" all along, so you have the volume up pretty loud to hear the dialog. Towards the end there's a scene where a car blows up, and holy crap, even though I knew it was coming, the sound of the explosion was so sudden and so damn loud that I literally jumped in my chair. But yeah, other than that, I thought it blew chunks.

Auf wiedersehen.

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Monday July 3rd 2006

All right. Long time no blog.

That guy I used to work with that e-mailed me a few days ago invited me over to his place this weekend. I went there last night with a cooler full of "refreshments" in hand.

It was good to see him (referred to as M. from here on) and his very pregnant wife again. I also got to meet some of his family. All nice people.

As the night went on, the supply of refreshments kept shrinking, and my "fun factor" was proportionally growing. M. and I went racing around the woods on Honda suicide machines (3-wheelers). Somehow we're both still alive. At some point during the night M. decided (all on his own, I might add) to call a chick (K.) he hooked me up with some time ago (see the Flake Test for lots of references to her) to see if she'd come out too. None of us really expected her to show, but she actually did.

You'd think I'd be bitter about how she left me hanging, and not want to talk to her. And maybe I was bitter, but my "fun factor" was too high for me to care. So I actually talked to her a bit. I think I referred to her as "the enemy" on more than one occasion, though.

As I'm trying to recall all the events of last night, I can't help but think I came off looking like an ass. At least during the earlier part of the night. I'm pretty sure I made a pretty successful attempt at redeeming myself later on, though.

In any case, K. and I ended up alone for a while, and I told her my side of the story. At least I remember trying to, but it might not have made much sense. Somehow the length of M.'s grass and how his dog (which used to be K.'s dog) refuses to go potty unless it's that short entered the conversation.

After she'd left to go home, I was sobering up a little bit, and called her on her cell phone. We talked for some amount of time (around 1/2 hr, maybe). She eventually apologized for the way she left me hanging. It came as some sort of surprise to hear her say that, since up to that point she'd never expressed any "admission of guilt". I gotta give her props for actually saying it, though. Thanks.

At this point I'm starting to feel like this blog entry makes as much sense as my blabbering last night, so I'm just gonna wrap it up and go something useful. Take care.

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Thursday June 29th 2006

It's not that I don't have anything to say today.. I do. But I'm hesitant to say it in case the person it's about reads it.

I got an e-mail from a guy I used to work with a couple days ago. That was cool.

My new grass is growing, but it seems I missed a few spots.. I'll have to give it some more time.

I spoke with a reporter team from 24hr News 8 (TV news out of Grand Rapids, MI) today. Seems there's a cougar on the loose in my area. At least that's what some think. Apparently a horse was injured quite badly at the Amish farm down the road. DNR couldn't verify is was cougar marks, though.

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Wednesday June 28th 2006

One of my favorite songs back in the 80's... Flash and The Pan - Midnight Man.

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Wednesday June 28th 2006

The plot thickens..

So I just took a "personality test" on Yahoo! Usually I don't give these kind of things much credit, but this is part of what the results said:

Individualists in Love
Your personality type and love style fit well together. Individualists prefer the "one day at a time" approach to romance that a Spontaneous love style encourages. Given your natural skepticism, a relationship needs to evolve naturally and stand the test of time before you can get too serious. Just remember to reveal yourself gradually to your dates. Most women are not used to your wit or straightforward manner.

I bolded the part that stood out. Funny thing is, I was asking a friend of mine, Michelle, if she had a theory as to why I seem to repel women after talking to them for a bit, and this is what she said: "The only thing that I can suggest is that you seem to be very blunt and sometimes that can make a person turn away from you.".

Maybe I'm just too blunt and "up front" with my feelings and opinions.

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Wednesday June 28th 2006

Awesome site: Probably won't last long, though. Loads of 80's music videos.

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Tuesday June 27th 2006

Good news. I now know how long it takes for grass to grow. Apparently however long it takes for it to rain the first time after you spread the seed. I've been watering the patch o'dirt twice or more daily, but nothing has started growing. Then, over night last night it rained a little bit (wasn't much at all), and voila, this morning there's a peach fuzz of new grass in the dirt. I'm relieved, as I was beginning to wonder if I somehow screwed up planting grass.

I've discovered a new talent that I seem to have. Making women stop talking to me. Yep, seems I'm good at it. I don't know what I say or do, but it sure works. If you're a woman and would like to prove me wrong, feel free to write me at On the bright side, I'm not totally without talent.

The gym is going to be closed July 1st through 4th. That sucks, because I'll miss two workout days. I'm not a fanatic about working out, but I don't like missing days either.

I'm off to see the wizard.

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Monday June 26th 2006

It's been pointed out to me that there are a couple grammatical and typographical errors in my blog entries. I'm perfectly aware of this, however, I have yet to (and I may never.. who knows) make an "edit" option on my blog. So once I post something, it's there, errors and all.

So instead of complaining that I've typoed, suck it up and use your energy for something more positive. Like world peace.

I was going to order a couple books today from Amazon, but I didn't yet for two reasons:

1. I didn't remember my password for logging in.
2. I was $5 and change short of $25 for my order, which would get me free shipping. I need to find another book or some other junk to pad my order.

(a few minutes go by)

Well, I found another book and got my order placed. Excellent.

I was listening to some music while typing this. A rather sweet band (that you've never heard of until I'm about to mention it) called Madrugada. They're from Norway, but sing in english. They even recorded their last album in Hollywood. The song playing was "The Lost Gospel". One of several kind of haunting songs by them. It just kind of sticks with you.

A sample lyric from this song (copy and paste from

One should never fall in love with things that last
Last only for a day
And they'll stay with you for another day

I like.

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Monday June 26th 2006

Another video I came across.

Note, there's some rather vulgar language, so click at your own risk.

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Monday June 26th 2006

I don't have much to say today. At least not yet.

A funny video clip.

I watched a movie this weekend; Serenity. I was expecting some rather lame movie based on a sub-par sci-fi TV show. Instead the movie was entertaining and not at all badly done. The sound rocked on it too.

I wonder how long it takes for grass to grow.

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Friday June 23rd 2006

As you may have figured out, I really don't have much good to say about flakes. Flakes being women who say they will do something, and then doesn't do it. Lately this seems to be something all women suffer from.

Just when you think there's no hope for woman kind, there's a light of hope in the far distance (which reminds me of an old joke my dad used to quote all the time.. but you wouldn't get it unless you know Norwegian, so I won't bother telling it).

This light comes in the shape of a woman saying she'll call this weekend. Lo and behold, she actually did. On Friday even. She didn't wait 'til Sunday. Not only that, I wasn't able to get to the phone before it went to voice mail when she called, so she called back a while later. Now that's refreshing. Not only did she call like she said she would, she did it in a timely manner. She even went the extra mile and called twice. Kudos to J. I gotta call her back some time.

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Friday June 23rd 2006

So the blog works. Cool. Not too bad for being done in Notepad.

I'll leave the writing of actual useful blog content for my next post. Aloha.

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Friday June 23rd 2006

My second entry. Changed a bit of code. Test string="/][<>,.".

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Friday June 23rd 2006

My very first blog entry.

I guess this is mostly just a test to make sure my home made blog actually works. By virtue of you reading this, I've proven that it indeed does work. Yay me! :o)

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