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Tuesday April 10th 2007

I am a sex addict (2005)
What a horrible waste of time. I got 10 minutes into this movie, then FFWD through the rest to see if it got any better. It didn't.

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Monday April 9th 2007 (Entry was updated on Monday April 9th 2007)

Don't chase what you can't catch.

Or my own adaptation:

Don't chase what doesn't want to be caught.

Words to live by.

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Monday April 9th 2007

Deja Vu (2007)
What if you could change the past?

After a terrorist attack kills over 500 people, ATF agent Carlin is assigned to the case. A body is discovered that's linked to the attack, and the movie focuses on the investigation around this body. The body happens to be that of an attractive young woman.

Top secret government agencies have accidentally discovered a technology that lets them view the past. Unfortunately they can only view it once, and there's no way to interact with it. Or is there?

I liked the movie. Very entertaining!

Unknown (2006)
5 men wake up in an abandoned chemical storage facility. They have no memory of who they are or why they are there. As it turns out, 2 men were kidnapped and are being held for ransom. But which 2 of the 5 are the kidnapped? And which ones are the kidnappers? Their memories gradually come back. They also receive a phone call from the rest of the kidnappers (the ones that picked up the ransom) saying they'll be there at sundown. Now the clock's ticking. They have to either figure out who is who or cooperate before the men arrive.

I enjoyed the movie. Not Oscar worthy, by any means, though. But still entertaining.

How to go out on a date in Queens (2006)
Not what I expected the movie to be. I even fell asleep through most of the middle part of it, so I only saw the beginning and end. Obviously not good enough to keep me awake, so based on that, I'd have to say it was pretty crappy.

Farse of The Penguins (2007)
Bob Saget's parody of "March of the penguins". Basically the same story are March of the Penguins, even narrated by Samuel L. Jackson too. This is a funny one, though. The penguins talk. A lot. Pretty funny stuff!

Invasion of The Body Snatchers (1978)
Saw a picture on that prompted me to see this movie. Pretty basic stuff. Aliens invade earth and take over people's bodies (sort of). Some people try to fight them. The movie covers the fight. It's obvious that it's an old movie, but it's still pretty entertaining. Lots of pieces missing in the story, though, I thought.

Let's go to prison (2006)
After being sent to prison a few times by the same judge, the main character swears revenge on the judge. Unfortunately, the judge dies 3 days before he sets out for his revenge. The judge's son gets to be the victim of his revenge instead.

A somewhat funny comedy.

Trust The Man (2005)
I loved this movie! It's funny (hilarious at times), serious and romantic. Everything a chick flick should be!

Not a total chick flick, though. I think it appeals to guys too. At least it did to me.

Story unfolds around two men in New York that both have their own relationship problems. One is married, one is afraid of getting married (and dying). This is a story about love, lust and life. While it's a funny movie, it also has some pretty deep moments.

I liked it a lot. One of the better movies of this genre I've seen in a long time.

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Friday April 6th 2007

I'm real.

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Thursday April 5th 2007

The Office is back on TV tonight! Sweet!!!!!

In honor of The Office, here's a pic of our favorite receptionist:

Not a scene from "The Office", obviously, but rather from "Blades of Glory".

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Thursday April 5th 2007

I just returned from the vending machine at work. Wanted a snack.

Every time I go to the machine (which isn't often, mind you), I always look for the item that looks half-way stuck. This way when I put my money in and push the buttons, it'll take it a couple tries to dislodge the item. By then, the next one in line pretty much comes along too. Sometimes it requires a little nudging of the machine to make the item drop, but hey, that's fair play.

Today's special? Two bags of Famous Amos cookies for the price of one. ;o)

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Thursday April 5th 2007 (Entry was updated on Thursday April 5th 2007)

Troy (2004)
With having seen 300 and thinking it rocked, I was thinking a little more primitive man against man fighting would be cool. So I decided to watch Troy.

What a disappointment! It was more like the pretty boy and panzy parade! For some reason I didn't picture the mighty Achilles looking like a well groomed Brad Pitt.

The battle scenes were also pretty lame. I guess 300 spoiled me.

I guess my initial raction to Troy was right.. I never bothered watching it when it first came out. Just didn't look appealing to me. I should have listened to my instincts.

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Wednesday April 4th 2007 (Entry was updated on Wednesday April 4th 2007)

Night at The Museum (2006)
I was in the mood for a lighthearted movie. Something to make me laugh. NATM was my choice.

Larry (Ben Stiller) needs a job really bad, and ends up being hired as a night watchman at the Museum of Natural History. Little does he know that due to an ancient artifact that's on display in the museum, all the creatures and people in the museum come to life after sundown every night!

Mixed in with the funnies are some "family value lessons". They don't take away too much from the movie, though.

It gave me a few laughs, so I guess mission accomplished.

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Tuesday April 3rd 2007

I'm just gonna ramble a bit, I think. We'll see what comes to mind.

Spring is here, but apparently it's going to be cold and possibly snow tomorrow. It's gonna stay in the 30's and 40's for the next week. This sucks.

I picked up some sticks and such in the yard last night. Now with the weather turning cold and snowy again I'll probably have to pick up even more stuff. Great.

I have a lot of stuff to do to the house/property this summer. I wonder how much of it I'll actually get done. Finishing up the living room is one of the things, and one thing that should be fairly easy to do. Just need to slap some paint on the walls (dont' care for the current color) and put some new trim up. I also really need to seal/cover my driveway. I might put new shingles on the roof. I'll have to see. There are no leaks, so it's not in bad shape. But it could probably use some refreshing. If time allows, I guess. If not, it'll be okay 'til next year.

People are weird creatures, don't you think? They get their feelings hurt when they really shouldn't even have any feelings. Not that they'll ever admit to it, but it's pretty obvious.

Petter Solberg is doing pretty good in the WRC so far this year. This is cool. I guess the new Impreza really is a better car than last year's.

I had all kinds of plans for this previous Saturday. Cleaning house was one of them. As it turns out, it was the only plan I actually went through with. Once I started cleaning I just kinda kept going. Fired up the carpet cleaner and cleaned most of the floors in the house. It would be nice if they would stay that clean, but having a big dog like I do, it's hard. He drags in a lot of dirt! Of course, I could just clean the carpets more often. That's probably what I'll end up doing.

I'm listening to Norah Jones' latest album while typing this, btw. "Thinking about you" is playing right at this moment.

Can't wait for summer to be here! Gotta make a trip to the lake this summer. Need to feel that hot sand between my toes! Maybe I can convince K to come with me. :o)

I'm thinking this will be a good year.

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Monday April 2nd 2007

The Contract (2006)
One of my favorite actors of all time is John Cusack. I remember seeing stupid "teen" type movies with him growing up, and always liked him.

He teams up with Morgan Freeman in "The Contract". I wasn't really sure what to expect from this movie, as I hadn't really read anything about it. Heck, I didn't even know the plot when I started watching it.

In short, the plot is "good father" vs. "bad guys". Already we know who's gonna win. Rule #1 of movie making, good guys always win.

In essence, Cusack (the dad) and his son go camping for some father-son bonding. They run into Freeman, a prisoner that was being transported for trial, but was "rescued" by his men on the way there. Basically, Cusack, being an ex cop, takes upon himself to return Freeman to the legal eagles. However, there's a snag (of course). Freeman's team of professionals are hot on their trail. The rest of the movie is pretty much one group of guys hiding/running from the other.

Not a really bad movie, but not all that great either. It was ok entertainment, though, I thought.

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Monday April 2nd 2007

K had to work a double shift yesterday (Sunday) to do payroll and such. Ick! That's a long work day!

In an attempt to maybe (hopefully) make her work day a little shorter, I brough her dinner @ work. We had a picnic in her office. I brought a picnic basket and a checkered table cloth and all.

She should be waking up around this time to go back to work again. :o(

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Friday March 30th 2007

Who's watching who?

Found this guy while walking the dog today. Click picture for video!

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Thursday March 29th 2007

There's this group of ducks that hang out in the corner of a field near my house. Every year that corner of the field has some standing water in it for a couple months, and every year the ducks return.

I fed 'em a slice of bread at lunch time today. They were a bit scared of my car, though, so they didn't eat it. I'm sure they scarfed it down once I left, though.

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Thursday March 29th 2007

K and I went out for ice cream last night.

I really think she has changed. I might even like her more this time around. Don't tell her that, though. ;o)

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Thursday March 29th 2007 (Entry was updated on Thursday March 29th 2007)

I finally broke down and made an edit post feature for my blog. Look above, right after the date of this post it'll say it was updated too. Neat, huh?

With that said, let's get to editing some posts..

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Wednesday March 28th 2007

Kenny (2006)

An Australian movie. A bit hard to understand the language at times. Not only because of the thick Australian accent, but also because of the main character's (Kenny) lisp.

Fairly funny comedy, though. Lots of poo talk. Kenny works for a porta-potty company, and the movie basically follows him at work. There's a little off-work stuff too.

Funny line when Kenny talks to his coworker about marriage: Why don't you cut out the middle man, find someone you hate and buy them a house?.

There are a lot of funny lines in this movie, but as said, it can be hard to understand at times.

Pretty cool movie overall. Not quite as funny as I was expecting after reading what other people had to say about it. I guess they were mostly Australians, and as such found it funnier (and had an easier time understanding the language).

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Tuesday March 27th 2007 (Entry was updated on Thursday March 29th 2007)

You may have seen the picture of K below, and also read my reference to "K". Just to clear up any confusion, this K is not the same K as was discussed in the early days of my blog that inspired the "Flake Test". Nope, this is a new and improved K. Will it stand the test of time? Well, only time will tell.

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Monday March 26th 2007

Had some nice weather this weekend! Slept with the window open for the first time since last summer. It was great!

Spent most of the weekend in the yard. Friday after work I started to dig up my BUD Light. BUD in this case means Big Ugly Dish, referring to the 8' satellite dish I have in my yard. Light is because it's 8' or smaller. Anyway. I haven't used the dish in years, and I've been getting tired of seeing it there. So I started digging it out. Holy crap, there's like 500 lbs of concrete at the base of this thing. Not to mention the dish/mount/pole probably weighs close to the same too! At least I got it dug out to the point that it can now be lifted/pulled right out. I'll save that for some other nice day.

I was supposed to go on a "date" on Saturday, but K flaked. I wasn't upset about it, though. At least she called this time instead of just not showing up. I'm not gonna say it didn't leave a bit frustrated, 'cause it did. I was looking forward to going out with her. But I understand her reason for not wanting to go, so I'm not blaming her. But still, the frustrations were there, which made for a really good workout. By the time I was done working out I was totally drained. But man, it was an awesome workout!

Sunday I dug up my yard again. Front yard this time. Laid some underground pipe for my sump pump. About 70' in all. Hopefully this will take care of the freezing issue I had this winter, where the standing water in the drain froze. The drain is now all down hill and has a check valve on the one end to allow air to enter so all the water will drain out. At the moment the check valve makes a farting sound, so I'll have to fix that. No biggie, though, I just need to constrict the air entry a bit.

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Monday March 26th 2007

Re: Friday March 23rd 2007

It was pointed out to me that I mistyped SCRUBS twice in the very same blog entry. Well, in case you dindn't already figure it out, Srubs was supposed to be Scrubs.

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Sunday March 25th 2007

300 (2007)
I was never really hot on this movie. Sure, it sounded okay, but not much more. Then I started hearing "awesome!" and such from people that had seen it. I thought, well, what the heck, I'll check it out.

WOW! Awesome! No, really! It's an awesome movie! They didn't waste a lot of time on background and romance. Just enough. Most of the movie is gory sword fights and such. Very impressive! And you can't help but dig the ripped guys that star in it! I'm not gay by any means, but being into weight lifting myself, I have to give props to the actors in this movie. I'm jealous of their abs!

This movie is very easy on the eyes. Great scenery and use of colors.


Alpha Dog (2006)
Sex, drugs and rock'n'... uh, rap. Based on a true story, the movie tells the story of what happens when kids get involved with drugs, and the parents don't pay any attention.

To sum it up, one guy owes another drug money. Said guy's brother gets taken hostage to make him pay. Things get out of control.

The saddest part of this movie is that it's based on actual events. It amazes me how people can do that kind of shit.

Justin Timberlake is in this movie. And to be honest, he wasn't bad!

While nowhere near as entertaining as 300, it managed to keep me interested the whole way through.

Barnyard (2006)
I got up early this morning and decided to kill some time and watch a movie. I settled on something "easy". Didn't feel like watching anything too serious. Barnyard was my choice.

It was okay.

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