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Thursday September 20th 2007

It floats!!!

Had a couple issues, though. Water regulator wasn't working right, so it wasn't reaching full RPM. Took that off and fixed it last night. It also dies at random intervals. Probably a bad connection somewhere.

First impressions are that it's a more unstable hull than the '94 XP. This was expected. What wasn't expected was that it's harder to jump than the XP!

Not having a tach was annoying. The XP has one, and it's nice to be able to look down and make sure it's running right. So when I got home last night I made a hole for another gauge in the "dash" on the SPX and put the tach from the XP in there. I'll buy another tach to replace it, of course. Now I gotta wire it in, which will be a joy since the SPX isn't prewired for a tach.

But at least the engine runs and didn't self destruct. Nor did the hull take on water. Both good things.

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Wednesday September 19th 2007

Tonight's the night!

Will it float?

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Monday September 17th 2007

Got the engine put back together and into the ski. Didn't get a chance to go to the lake with it yet, though.. Wednesday if the weather permits.

On it's way in..

From the other side...

It's a snug fit, but it does go in!

In other news, Colin McRae died this weekend. Who, you say? Former WRC world champion Colin McRae. He's well known, you're just not well informed!

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Friday September 14th 2007

The SeaDoo SPX and its engine currently look like this:

I'm hoping to ride it Sunday. Plan is to reassemble the engine tonight and drop it in. Then finish up the rest tomorrow. Then comes the fun part on Sunday! ;oD

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Monday September 10th 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)
Not that I can remember much about the previous two movies in this series, but I'm left with the impression that the earlier ones were better. Either that or I just bought into the hype too much this time around and was expecting a lot more.

By no means a bad movie, but it just didn't impress me as much as I'd expected.

Babel (2006)
A bunch of babble (or babel if you prefer). What a long, boring movie! What was even the point of having the deaf/mute Japanese girl in the movie? She really didn't relate to the other characters at all, other than her father. The father was linked to the other characters, yet he had very little screen time.

I was happy when the movie was over.

Other stuff
I played softball this weekend. First time ever. I realized that I can't hit a slow pitched soft ball to save my life! I frequent the batting cages, but I always go to the fast pitch cage. My timing and aim is way off for slow pitch!

Red and I (yep, that Red) went jet skiing this Saturday. She had a blast! We rode two up on my one ski (since the other one isn't fixed yet), and that went well. Much better than anticipated. I had only tried two up one other time, and it didn't work at all! I drove first, then I let her drive it while I sat on the back. She's one crazy driver! Later on I let her go out alone, after making sure she could get back on if she fell off. Good thing too, since she did fall off after a while! She did really well, though! I was impressed. Maybe we'll go riding again with both skis some time.

We also went to a dinner and a movie (The Bourne Ult.) on Friday. It's so nice to hang out with someone where you can totally be yourself and not worry about whether you're making a good impression or not. Not that I make a bad impression, but it's nice when there's no pressure, just good times and good company.

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Friday September 7th 2007

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Thursday September 6th 2007 (Entry was updated on Thursday September 6th 2007)


I'm at a loss to what else could be going on. How does someone go from being totally into you one day, to just a few days later not wanting to see you again? To top it off, we didn't even talk or see each other in the days between?!?!?!?

Yep, J called and left a message on my phone today saying things won't work out between us, and don't bother calling her again. I was shocked! Where'd that come from? I thought we were getting along real well!

She was supposed to come over to my place last night. She'd told me to call her when I got out of work, so I did. No answer. No answer is what I'd gotten for the last 3 or 4 days. She said she was gonna call me, but she never did. So I had tried calling her to see what's up? After not getting an answer last night, I decided to go to her place and see if she's home (I was only 5 mins away). At this point I'm thinking maybe something happened to her and she's in the hospital or something..

Well, I get there and knock on the door. No answer. I can hear the TV through the door, though, so I knock again. No answer. Then a knock back.. Must have been her daughter. So now I know she's home, so I knock again. Still no answer! So I walk around back and knock on the patio door. She opens the door and procedes to yell at me! Says I should have figured that she didn't want to come to the door when she didn't answer it! How was I supposed to know? For all I knew she could have been in the bedroom or something and not heard me knock! Anyway, I tell her that I've been trying for days now to get a hold of her, but she hasn't been answering the phone. She says it's been off for days, and that she's not feeling well tonight. I get the distinct feeling there's something going she's not telling me about... which is fine, but don't just leave me hanging! Tell me something!

Anway, she tells me I can call her later some time, or she can call me if I want to wait for that. ?? Wait for what? I didn't ask. I figured it was better I just left her alone.

When I get home, there's a message on my machine from her. Recorded earlier in the day. Says she won't be able to come over tonight, and that we'll have to do it some other day.. Call me, or I'll call you.

So fast forward to today, and she leaves a message on my machine saying it was totally unacceptable to just show up at her place, and then procedes to tell me it's not gonna work out as already mentioned above. Well, since I couldn't get a hold of her, what else was I gonna do? Things had been going really well, so the last thing I expected was for her to have change of heart over night and dump me! I was getting worried and wanted to find out if she was okay. And in return I get yelled at!

If she for some reason didn't feel like this was the right time in her life to be dating me, all she had to do was say so, and I would have left things at that. But to just cut off all communication? I still say something else was going on, and it was being taken out on me.

This really hit me hard.. I liked J. Still do, I guess, but not sure what good that'll do me. not only did I like her, but the way she told me how inappropriate it was for me to just show up made me feel like she was accusing me of something! It was like she was suddenly afraid I would harm her or her daughter! I'd already been to her place twice and been around her and her daughter. All 3 of us seemed to be getting along great. She even pointed out that her daughter liked me, so I must be a nice guy. I'd even already met her parents! I really thought J could quite possibly be a keeper.

I don't get women. Not at all.

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Tuesday September 4th 2007

Also went jet skiing this weekend. Both Sunday and Monday. Had my first encounter with the law on the water on Sunday. No big deal. They just wanted to talk to me to make sure I knew the rules of the lake. Apparently they'd been watching me for a while! Guess some of the stuff I was doing was bending the rules a bit. We chatted for a bit, and I asked them a few questions too to clarify some rules. Nice guys, I must say. Even though I couldn't find my registration, they didn't hassle me about it.

I knew I had the registration somewhere, 'cause I hadn't taken it out since I first put it in there! So I a bit later on I went to shore to look for it. Turns out it was stuck up inside the lid of the storage bin!

Had a blast wake jumping yesterday. Followed a boat from one end of the lake to the other, criss crossing the wake all the way. Awesome! :o) A couple spills, but nothing major. Had a rather painful spill on Sunday, though. Landed a bit sideways off a jump, and my left foot slipped on the landing. I'm not sure how it all happened, but somehow I ended up on the starboard (right) side of the ski, still holding on and still moving... Which is weird, 'cause I started to fall towards my port (left) side! Got some bruises to show for it, though.

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Tuesday September 4th 2007

Well, here I am, blogging from my hospital bed. I've been here since Saturday night. Yep, got a case of the food poisoning!

Just kidding. J made a very tasty meal. :o)

Watched a couple movies this weekend. Both were pretty crappy.

Fantastic 4 - Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)
Nothing fantastic about this. A silver surfer? From outer space? Right. I'm sure there are a lot of good waves out there in space for surfing. This whole thing was a fiasco from beginning to end. We can only hope that there won't be anymore craptastic 4 movies.

The Number 23 (2007)
I don't like Jim Carrey. All he does is make stupid faces. So can he keep a straight face and not look like an idiot in this "serious" movie? Nope. Even when trying to look serious he still looks like he's making faces. I don't think any other actor could have saved this movie either, though. It was simply flawed. I didn't expect to like it, and I didn't. The plot twists towards the end only served to prolong the agony, and I couldn't wait for the movie to be over.

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Friday August 31st 2007 (Entry was updated on Friday August 31st 2007)

Sunshine (2007)
I hadn't really heard anything at all about this movie, but the plot seemed interesting. Turns out the movie was pretty darn good too!

It's set in the not too distant future (about 50 years from now). The sun is dying. Earth is freezing over. Something's gotta be done, or the human race, and all life on earth for that matter, are history. An international effort is made to send a ginormous bomb into the sun to try to jump start it again. Unfortunately, the craft (Icarus I) and its crew don't succeed, and are not heard from again. So Icarus II is made and sent up for one last attempt at jump starting the sun. If it fails, the world will come to and end.

While the movie does have some techical "issues" and annoyances, it's pretty gripping and I found myself glued to the screen the whole time. Has a pretty decent sound track too. I know this kinda sounds like Armageddon in some way, but trust me, this movie is a lot deeper.

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Friday August 31st 2007 (Entry was updated on Friday August 31st 2007)

Visited and old friend and coworker in the hospital this weekend. She gave birth to her first kid on Friday, a week ago today.

S, little A and myself.

Congrats to S & A (and little A)!

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Wednesday August 29th 2007

Guess it's been a week since my last posting. I suppose I should say something, then, huh?

Alright.. Here goes.

The last 3 or so times I've gotten a hair cut, this same cute girl has been doing it. We've talked while cutting, and got to know a little about each other as a result of it. She told me one time that she was going fishing later that day on her father in law's boat, though. So I'm thinking, bummer, she's married. I still couldn't help but think she was flirting with me, though. I'm really stupid on picking up on these things. Anyway, a couple weeks ago I got a hair cut again, and again she was the one that cut it.. Let's call her J.

After I got the hair cut, I went over to my friend M's place and was talking to him. I mentioned to him how I think she was flirting with me and all that, but that I was pretty sure she was married. Basically we (I) decided I had to find out if she was or not. There had been no more mention from J of in-laws or anything like that, so I was starting to think maybe she's divorced or something. M agreed that I needed to figure that out, but how? He said I would have to casually mix it into conversation somehow. I told him nah, I'll just come right out and ask her. Besides, the next casual conversation I was gonna have with her would be at my next hair cut, which would be quite a while later on.

I needed to stop at a store on the way home, and that just happened (??) to bring me right by the salon she works at. As I was walking in, I saw her there by the register, all alone. I figured it was now or never, and went right up to her and said "hey... you're married, right?". Well, long story short, she's separated and getting divorced. So I asked her out. Last weekend she invited me over to her place on Saturday for drinks and movies (Kill Bill Vols 1 and 2, which we both love) and such (also met her sister, another J.. Turns out I already knew of her, since she works at a store that I kinda frequent.. what are the odds, right?). Then Sunday we went out again. This time mini-golf, lunch, a walk and some ice cream.

She told me she was really happy that I asked her out. I got the feeling when I asked her out that she really didn't care one way or the other.. Her reply when I asked her was something like "Oh. Yeah, sure.". Not quite the "I would totally love to go out with you" reply I was hoping for. lol! But I guess she really wanted to go out with me anyway.

So far things are going along just great. This Saturday she's invited me over for dinner... She's cooking. I'll report back later with the review of the dinner. lol! Just kidding!

Oh, and did I mention she likes Pink Floyd too?

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Wednesday August 22nd 2007

Saw this ad on Craigslist:

Need someone to repair my phone line inside my house. Call

Thought that was kinda funny. As it turns out, the number given is for a cell phone, but it still looked funny at first. :o)

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Tuesday August 21st 2007

Wayne's World 2 (1993)
A year has passed since the first movie. Wayne and Garth have moved out on their own. They now live in an abandoned doll factory. Jim Morrison comes to Wayne in a dream (along with a weird, naked indian) and tells him to put on a concert. Cassandra goes to LA to record an album. A hilarious spoof on "The Graduate" towards the end.

I found this to be funnier than the first. Simply because it's so surreal. Excellent!

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Monday August 20th 2007

Rainy weekend.. Lots of time for movie watching.

Wayne's World (1992)
Another movie that I somehow never did see. So I decided to watch it. Pretty funny stuff. Even more so because it's so "old" by now, that I've distanced myself from what would have been acceptable in the early 90's (like their clothing and such).

Delta Farce (2007)
I'll be the first to admit that I don't care for Larry The Cable Guy. Redneck humor is stupid, not funny. He did okay in this movie, though, but he had to go ahead and ruin it by saying his catch phrase.

Goodfellas (Special Edition) (1990)
A gritty view at the "mobster" life in the 60's through 80's. Hailed as one of the best mobster movies ever. I can see what. Even though it was a long movie, it kept me interested the whole time.

Deliverance (1972)
For some odd reason people rave about this movie. I watched it and was left with two impressions:

1. Where's the dialog? I've never seen a group of 4 people talk less.
2. What a bunch of pansies!!

These two things really made the movie pretty crappy in my view.

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Friday August 17th 2007

Went tubing last weekend.

Guy driving the boat was trying his best to hurt me, but instead all he hurt was the boat. Seems the engine broke. TehPear: 1 - Boat: 0.

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Friday August 17th 2007

I found a log of DNR field reports on the DNR web site.. There's some good reading there.

Here's a couple examples of stupidity:

In response to complaints of rowdiness, litter, and public land abuse, COs Mike Hearn, Joel Lundberg, and Brian Olsen conducted a patrol on the Au Sable River below the Mio Dam. One subject was observed sharing what appeared to be a marijuana cigarette with two other subjects. When the COs attempted to contact him, he threw the cigarette in the water and tried to flee. He led the COs to several minors in possession (MIP) of alcohol in his haste to get away and the entire group was ticketed. He was also charged with littering.

Sgt. Pete Malette observed four subjects on ORVs turn off a county road onto a closed state snowmobile trail after sunset in Iosco County. Sgt. Malette followed them and found that once they were off the county road, they had extinguished their lights and were "running dark." They were contacted and stopped before they could reach another road. They advised that they were riding on the snowmobile trail to avoid the police after being at the bar. Several tickets were issued for alcohol and ORV violations.

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Friday August 17th 2007

Last Saturday was Red's birthday. It turned out she didn't really have anything planned, so I asked if she wanted to go out to dinner. We had some Mexican food, then we went go-carting. It was good time. :o)

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Tuesday August 14th 2007

(Stephen King's) Desperation (2006)
Some of you might have seen this on TV last year. I never did. So I watched it last night.

I read the book many years ago. Never did get around to reading "The Regulators", though. I have them both in a "combo" book. Maybe if I can find the book I'll read the other half too. I doubt it, though. I'm not much for reading books these days.

Anyway... The movie. Started out decent (considering it's a made for TV movie). Lost me towards the end, though. Too much religion and too many unexplained things going on. Not to mention Tak turning into a big wuss. I can't remember how the book ended, but I'm thinking it wasn't anything like that.

I remember thinking the book was cool, but I won't remember the movie the same way. It wasn't cool. At least not the second half.

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Monday August 13th 2007

Ocean's 13 (2007)
Yet another Ocean's X movie. Pretty much the same plot as the other two, just more far fetched and unrealistic.

Forget About It! (2006)
3 retired men living in a trailer park in Arizona find a suitcase full of money and start living the big life. Turns out the money belongs to their new neighbor, who is a mob guy in the witness protection program. He wants it back, and the mob boss wants it back, since that's who he stole it from. A pretty "surreal" movie. Obviously not an attempt at making a realistic movie, but rather just something to give you some laughs. Not that it was very successful at that either.

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