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Tuesday July 18th 2006


It's a movie. I'm sure it tells a story with some point to it, but I didn't get it. I'm not saying it's a waste of time to watch, because for some reason I watched the whole thing. Something about it drew me in.

Ben McKenzie is in it. I'm used to seeing him as "the guy from Chino" in "The O.C.". Here he plays some pissed off southern boy. With a mustache even. Not a good look for him. Maybe it would have looked better if he'd sported a mullet too. It surely would have fit the character.

Ashley, a pregnant young girl.. Wow. What to say about her... I sure hope she doesn't represent the typical southern belle. This character comes off as being a couple fries short of a happy meal. Not retarded by any means, just.. not smart. By a long shot. She's amusing, though. Says the strangest things. She seems like she may be suffering from ADD too.

Back to the story. While most movies tell a pretty obvious story or have an obvious climax, this movie seems to lack both. It's basically just a few days in people's lives. Average people with nothing all that exciting going on. I guess if there is a story, it's about big city meets small town. In the end everybody seems happy when they go back where they came from.

This movie is a love it or hate it kind of movie. Even so, I managed to neither love nor hate it. I'm leaning towards love it, though. It's just so different. And you gotta love the "art" they show.

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Tuesday July 18th 2006

You know, I think I owe someone an apology.

I've ranted and raved about how much I dislike flakes. The more I think about it, though, the more I think I've unfairly judged all flakes. I think most of my frustrations weren't acctually caused by a flake, but a liar. And if there's one thing I like less than flakes, it's liars.

Yep. What I mistook for flaking out seems to have been part of some sinister plan to lie all along.

So, flakes, I'm sorry. I'm sure most of you have good reasons for doing what you do. As long as they're not premeditated and purposely done to hurt, I suppose you deserve a break.

As for you liars, I hope what goes around comes around and kicks you in the ass.

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Saturday July 15th 2006

Another movie review. "Grilled".

Stars Ray Romano, Kevin James, Burt Reynolds and Michael Rapaport amongst others.

Romano and James star as two salesmen (of meat products) that desperately need to make a sale. Personally I was never a fan of Romano in "Everybody loves Raymond", but I do like "King of Queens" so I decided to give the movie a try. I'm not sure exactly what genre the makers were trying to aim for. The movie is neither comedy, drama or thriller nor action. I don't think I laughed even once, come to think of it. It's also a pretty short movie at 1:23 or so. This is a blessing in disguise, though, as it really shouldn't have been any longer. Even shorter would have done just fine by me.

Anyway, the story goes something like this: They're trying desperately to close their last chance at a sale. A friend of the woman (the target) calls and the two salesmen and the woman go to the friend's house. Turns out this friend is shacking up with an arms dealer. Arms dealer has enemies that show up at the house. Enemies and sales men talk about meat. Enemies decide to get rid of sales men. Sales men save some other guy's life. End of story.

So it's not funny. It's not exciting. It's not dramatic. It just IS. There's quite a bit of talent on hand, but unfortunately it's not put to much use. The movie didn't blow chunks or anything, it just wasn't good. It was a way to pass an hour and a half. The only way I could recommend this movie is if you're a Ray Romano fan and want to see him look like less of a pansy than he did in his TV show. At least in this movie he sort of looks and acts like man.

Side note: I got my hair cut today.

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Friday July 14th 2006

A couple things..

First, a movie review. Well, not much of a review since I couldn't even finish watching the movie. The movie in question is "After Sundown". A zombie flick. Basically, the acting, plot, camera work, dialog, "special" effects and everything else was horrible. I got about 1/2 hr into it before I was rudely interrupted (see next paragraph). At this point I was already considering just skipping the rest of the movie. After I'd dealt with the interruptor, I decided to ffwd through the rest of the movie to the ending. The ending too, btw, was awful. Horrible. Two twumbs down for this movie.

About the interruption. Seems the sheriff's office decided to pay me a visit. Apparently you're not allowed to run your 4-wheelers in the street. Who would have thought. I don't know if she just happened to drive by and saw some tracks, or if one of my dirtbike/4-wheeler/go-cart driving neighbors decided to call. I sure hope it wasn't one of the neighbors, since they all do their fair share of driving on the streets with their toys, and that would just be hypocritical.

I've realized that I need to divide my blog into pages soon.. this one page is getting to be too long.

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Friday July 14th 2006

I'd been talking to a woman for a while, and when I decided to pursue a chance at something good with another woman, I told her the truth. This is what she wrote back:

Thanks for being honest. Sometimes you have to take a chance... because opportunities for true love don't come along very often.

So honesty seems to work ok sometimes. I guess I'll just keep being honest in hopes that maybe some day it'll pay off.

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Friday July 14th 2006

I need a haircut.

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Friday July 14th 2006

People change.

Many say people don't change. That their actions may change, but the person inside stays the same.

That may be true in many cases, but I firmly believe people can change, including the person inside. How can I be so sure about this? Well, because I've changed a lot over time. In essence I guess I've simply matured. While I've kept a lot of my old values, my outlook on life has changed dramatically. As I've grown older, I've become acutely aware of how short life really is. I used to sit on the sidelines and watch life go by, but now I actively take part in it.

You only get one attempt at life. Fortunately during life you typically have enough time to try some of its elements more than once. Imagine only getting one attempt at love. Only one attempt at finding the right job. Only one attempt at finding yourself. As humans we have a vast ocean of possibilities to choose from. We're faced with the choice of how to approach this ocean. Do we carefully inspect each and every option, only to finally choose a few safe ones in the end? Or do we dive in at the deep and learn to swim? I used to do the former. While it's safe, it's also a good way to miss out on a lot of experiences (some good, some bad). It's a way of missing out on life.

I now think it's better to take the road filled with curves and potholes. This isn't to say I take unnecessary risks. I take calculated risks. I don't gamble with life. I do, however, take risks that aren't life threatening, but might be life altering. So what if you say something and it makes you look like an idiot? At least you said it. Something the majority of people around you wouldn't have the guts to do. Be yourself. Don't try to fit into some social mold.

I've said and done things that have made me look bad. But they were pieces of my life. Yes, my past isn't perfect. I've done stuff that's wrong. While I may not be proud of it, I'm not ashamed of it either. My actions and experiences thus far in my life is what has made me who I am today. Funny thing is that I in some way believe in karma. Hopefully that won't come back to bite me in the ass. On the other hand, I think I've also done a lot of good in my life, hopefully enough to balance the scales of karma.

I got married at age 21. That's about 7 years ahead of my "plan". Combine that with living a life that had me sitting on the sidelines, I've probably missed out on a lot of life. Moments I could have experienced but didn't. That's ok, though. I made that choice. I'm now divorced, and some of you might think getting married was a mistake. I don't think of it that way. I think of it as an experience.. a lesson. Instead of having a negative view on it, I choose to see the positive in it. This is part of how I've changed. If you'd asked me a few years ago, I would have had a much more negative view of the situation.

We have the ability to put the past behind us and learn from our mistakes. Those embarrasing and painful moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain*. As long as we learn and keep those lessons with us as we go on in life, we'll grow as people. So don't sweat it when you fuck something up. Try to see what you did wrong, and then make sure you don't do it again the next time.

Show of hands.. How many of you have been in love? Ok. How do you know? I mean, how can you be sure it's really love. There's no handbook on being in love. You're not told what to feel like when you're in love. Maybe you thought you were in love. Maybe you were in love. I'm not one to tell you one way or another. I do know, however, that I thought I was in love for a long time. It turned out, however, that I wasn't. I didn't figure that out until I felt what I can only imagine was the real deal. This feeling was so strong that I can't imagine it being possible to feel it any stronger. While the first "love" I thought I felt was a 3 on scale from 1 to 10, this real feeling was a 100 (one hundred.. no typo). It was just that strong, that 1-10 wouldn't even begin to describe it. Of course, as luck would have it, I ended up getting my heart broken. In hindsight, I'm thankful. I was so blinded by love that I didn't see (or want to see) all the things that were wrong with her and our relationship. But at least now I know what I'm looking for. I'm looking for that feeling. I also know what I'm not looking for, so that was a lesson I'm thankful for. Next time I'm going in with my eyes wide open. I'll see things and people for what and who they are, not what they could be. IT's when you start seeing people for what they could be that you get into trouble. People will not be what you want them to be. They're going to be what they want to be. Rarely is that the same thing you'd want them to be. So if it's not working the way you want it to, don't think everything would be ok if you just change that one thing about the other person. People need to change themselves. They need to want to change, and have a good motivator for changing. You pushing your wants and needs onto someone else is not a good motivator, and in the end, it'll backfire.

So people, embrace change! Embrace life! There's a whole 'nother life to discover if you let yourself.

Come to think of it, this should probably have gone on my ReflectionS page. Maybe I'll copy it there later.

* = some might think that sounded a lot like a line in "Blade Runner".. It did.

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Thursday July 13th 2006

Why would someone go to great lengths to find out what you're up to when they don't show any other interest in you?

"No, I don't want to date you, but I'm gonna read your blog a few times daily to see what you're up to".

Now, that's not what she said, of course, that's just my analysis of the situation.

I guess I'll never figure that one out.

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Thursday July 13th 2006

Oh, one more thing. In case you were wondering, "maybe" means no. Why is that? Because a failure to make up ones mind might as well mean no. So instead of waiting for a flake to come up with an answer I decided to make it up for her.

I'm starting to really dislike flakes. At first it was just female flakes, but even male flakes are getting to me now.

I mean, come on, how hard is it to make a decision and stick with it? All it takes is a little bit of dedication.

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Thursday July 13th 2006

So I spent almost 4 hours cleaning my garage last night. I have too much stuff and not enough garage. Since it's easier to get rid of some stuff than make a bigger garage, I opted for that plan.

After hours of cleaning it's looking a lot better. I tossed out a lot of stuff I'd been hanging on to for reasons that seemed like good ones at the time. I also built some more shelves to put stuff on. If I didn't know better, I'd say the garage is getting organized. I do know better, though. :)

At least it's clean enough now that I can easily pull my car in if needed. Of course, that's not saying a lot since it's a 2.5 car garage! :D I still have quite a bit of cleaning to do obviously, but it'll be easier since most of the clutter is gone.

I also poured some gas on the pile of brush etc. left over from my yard work. It was like a mini-Hiroshima when I lit it up. Sweet! :D It was still smouldering this morning.

Yes, I do lead an exciting life. I can hardly contain myself. ;)

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Wednesday July 12th 2006

Oh, one more thing.

Congrats, M!

If I'm a bit early, so be it. Better early than not at all, I say. :)

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Wednesday July 12th 2006

If you've wondered what the non-functional "ReflectionS" link is on the main page, here's an explanation.

The blog is used for everyday drivel and the occasional clever insight. ReflectionS is where I'll put more serious thoughts and, well, reflections. So why isn't there anything there, then? Because those serious thoughts don't come to me every day. Only once in a while will something qualify for that page. So until inspiration strikes me and I have some deep thoughts about a subject, it'll remain inactive.

I get to rewire and upgrade part of the legacy network infrastructure at work these days. Not something I'm looking forward to, because it's filthy work. REALLY filthy. And since a lot of the wiring is run up in the ceiling, it also gets REALLY hot when the sun shines. So combine lots of nasty welding dust with lots of sweat, and you get one covered in crap person. Me.

Take some old chain link fence (think farm fence.. big, square mesh),woods and add a 4-wheeler to the mix. What do you get? A crap-load of wire fence wrapped around the rear axle.. Like 60 times. At first I thought I'd just cut it off, but that would have taken forever. So I grabbed a wrench and a socket and unbolted the wheel.. Hub and all. The great big wad of fence slid right off. Mission accomplished. Thanks to the chump that used to own my house for dumping all kinds of crud in the woods. I appreciate it.

So I got an e-mail from my parents a couple days ago. Turns out my gramma had fallen and been stuck on the floor for almost 24 hours. She wasn't wearing her alarm thingy, so she couldn't call for help. The neighbor figured something was up when the newspapers started piling up. Fortunately she's ok (relatively speaking).

I saw a movie last night.. It starred Lindsay Lohan and isn't worth talking about.

That's all, folks.

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Wednesday July 12th 2006

Haha! Too funny!

Street racing.

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Wednesday July 12th 2006

Hissyfit video..


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Monday July 10th 2006

So I watched yet another movie. Basically I'm trying to watch a bunch of movies I've had forever but never got around to seeing.

This time it was "Waterborne". Set it current day L.A., it tries to depict the human factor and what happens to it when a biological agent is released into the drinking water, killing people that drink it. It tries to show how panic sets in and what people do under those circumstances. Personally, the only panic I felt was about the less than stellar camera work. I know it was supposed to make you feel as part of the situation, but to me it was just annoying. Add to that editing that had dialog from one scene while you're still watching the previous scene.. Yeah, it felt chaotic. I'm guessing the makers didn't want you to feel the cinematography was chaotic, but rather the events that they depicted.

Unless you like being annoyed by movies that seem to go nowhere, I can't recommend this to anyone.

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Monday July 10th 2006

"The Great Raid"

A movie that tells a story. Based on actual events. The year is 1945. The place is the Fillipines. Cabanatuan, to be exact.

Basically this is a story about undeniable courage. Cabanatuan was a Japanese POW camp. Hundreds of US and Fillipino soldiers had already died there and in other camps in the area. About 500 US soldiers were still being held. A group of 127 US soldiers and about 200 Fillipino guerrilla soldiers were sent to rescue them. The movie depicts a slightly different (smaller) number of rescuers, but I'm mentioning the actual numbers here.

In a nutshell, it was the US and Fillipino soldiers vs. almost 9000 Japanese soldiers, and somehow they managed to pull it off. The allies only lost 4 men (two of which were POWs that died of natural causes), while the Japanese lost 523.

Some have said that this was a story that needed to be told. I agree. We've heard and seen so many stories about D-Day and Normandy, and while the men that took part of that were also heroes and we'll forever be indebted to them, this story isn't about conquering the enemy and taking back the land. This is a story about doing the right thing. The POW's had been left in the camps for 3 years after they were ordered to surrender by military command. They'd been tortured, abused and killed. Basically, they were forgotten. Left to die.

The rescue was not of strategic importance in the war. It was purely about getting the boys back home.

The movie does a good job telling the story. While it has some non-factual elements added for entertainment value (i.e. a love story and lights in the camp etc.), it manages to pull it off nicely. We don't really get to know the characters in the movie much. It would have been nice if we'd learned more about the men that took on the mission. For those who have seen "Brothers in Arms" on HBO, you know what I mean.

Even though the movie did lack a few things I would have liked to be included, I can't help but give it two thumbs up for telling a story that's long over due.

See this movie if you haven't already.

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Sunday July 9th 2006

The person this is for will know:

It seems to me that maybe, it pretty much always means no. So don't tell me you might just want to date.

I answered you with a simple "yes". I figured I'd take chance and just put it out there.

So what does "maybe" mean?

PS! Your secret is safe with me.

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Saturday July 8th 2006

I've seen a couple more movies... Here's a quick recap.

"Kinky Boots". A story about an old english shoe factory that finds itself a new niche market in order to survive. A bit predictable, but overall a decent movie. Don't watch if you have issues with transvestites. This was a british movie with all british cast. I have to say it kinda makes me glad I don't live in England. There are two main female parts in the movie, and both are rather unattractive. Although, one (the worker) is much cuter than the other (the fiance). Not that that makes or breaks the movie. It's based on a true story, actually. The real factory's website is here. Basically they stop making shoes for old men, and start making sexy boots for transvestites. The movie has a few funny moments to it. Overall it's pretty decent entertainment, but nothing to rave about.

Next movie is "The Best Man" (known as "Best Man, Worst Friend" here in the states). This is also a british movie (I think, at least), but with an awful mix of american and british actors. All through the movie I couldn't get away from how annoying the american english mixed in with the british english sounded. Seth Green does a pretty good job coming off sounding like a british guy, though. Amy Smart was picked to play the main female part in this movie. Not the best of choices, I think, since she's just not pretty enough. I just couldn't get into the mood where you chear on the guy that chases the impossible dream girl. Frankly, I think he'd been better off without her. The movie overall is pretty chaotic, yet predictable. It does have some funny moments, though. Overall I'd have to say it's not a movie I'd recommend you see. I don't regret seeing it, but I could have found something else to spend 1hr 30 mins on.

I fixed my lawn mower today. It broke down when I was mowing earlier this week. A bearing went out in the belt and pulley system that drives the deck. I stopped by TSC today, and to my surprise, they had the correct ball bearings! They were only $4.61 each too, so I grabbed a couple and replaced them both even though one was still in ok shape. Once I put the mower back together I started it up and let it warm up while I washed my hands so I could finish mowing. By the time I finished washing my hands, the mower had run out of gas. I guess mowing will have to wait 'til another day.

I also worked on the 4-wheeler today. I took it apart yesterday to change the rear trailing arm since it was cracked. I put it all back together today. The rear end feels a lot more solid now. Now if only those front drive shafts would arrive soon, I could fix it properly. Although my front end rigging is still holding up beautifully.

It turns out I have Monday off from work. I forgot that I'd scheduled a vacation day. I needed to use up 12 hrs or lose it. So I took Monday off, and I'm taking 1 hr off each day the rest of the week.

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Friday July 7th 2006

Just a quick note to point out that the "Pictures" link on the main page is now working...

Here's the link: My Pictures.

Note that this is just a bunch of random pictures that I've taken. Some are old, some are new.

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Thursday July 6th 2006

What a day.

I was so tired at work today, I literally was just starting blankly at the screen, not really seeing anything. Good thing the boss talked to me to snap me out of it, or I would probably have dozed off. Of course, beeing that tired, I really didn't want to work out tonight. But I did anyway. Due to the holiday I hadn't worked out since last Thursday, so I took it a bit easy tonight. Well, I started out easy, at least. Once I got into it I was back to the usual heavy sets. M., the guy I worked out with for a while (not the same M. as the one from this weekend) showed up to swim with his family. He had aspiration of losing 20 lbs by the beginning of this month, but that can only happen if you actually work out. Since he rarely shows up, it was no big surprise that he fell about 20 lbs short of his goal. Oh well, I don't let other people's lack of motivation affect me.

It was nice out tonight, so I decided to take the t-tops out for the drive home. I was driving and singing along to the music playing, when these two chicks in a Cavalier look over at me. Me being me, I give them a cheesy grin and wave. This seemed to have caught them off guard, as they had a short conversation between themselves before they both waved back. I caught a glimpse of the passenger, and she appeared to be cute. I tried to get along side them down the road (to check out the passenger), but traffic wasn't having any of it. Eventually I get to where I need to turn to go home (they go straight), and the light turns red. We both stop, but I'm a car behind and to the left of them, so I still can't see the passenger.

Well, light turns green, and they drive away. I see them making a left turn a block down, so I make a right turn after my initial turn to head the same way. They wave from the distance. Further down the road they turn onto a basketball court where some highschool (I guesstimated) boys are playing. I figured they were friends of the girls, and decided that the passenger was probably about the same age; in other words, way too young.

So I drive on by and then make a turn to get back on my way home. As I stop at a stop sign a couple blocks further down, I see headlights approaching behind me. At first I didn't think it was the girls, but as they come nearer, it turns out it is. I make my turn. They stop at the stop sign, and I see the passenger wave her hand out the window in a WTF? gesture. At this point I'm figuring they're wanting to talk to me, so I drive along slowly until they catch up, and the pull over when there's a good place to do it.

They pull up, and the passenger (which, btw, is pretty cute) says: "We don't mean to scare you or anything by chasing you down....". I just laugh.. They're not very scary looking. Especially with the baby in the babyseat in the back (kid belongs to the driver, I'm pretty sure). Anyway, turns out the passenger wanted to know if I had a girlfriend. I tell her no, and she asks for my number. I write it down on her piece of paper, and then she asks me to write my name down too so she'll know who she's calling. I write "Per" on the paper and give it back to her. I ask "So do you know who you're calling now?". She looks at the piece of paper and says.. "Uh, no...". I grab the paper back from her and write "(Pear)" on it under my name and hand it back to her. She utters: "Your name is Pear?". I say yes. She expresses that she thinks that's a cool name and introduces herself.

So, we'll see if she calls me or not. I still don't know how old she is, but she looked 20-something.

On the way home, there's some chump in a white Mustang convertible (late 90's) behind me through town (25 mph limit). Once we get to the outside of town, he speeds up and passes me. I can see it's some GQ-wannabe with his much younger girlfriend. Obviously out to impress her in his fancy convertible. As he goes by I see dual shiny exhaust sticking out the back. I give chase, and we move along at about 75mph (this is a 55 mph rural road). He passes another car, the proceeds to stomp on it. I tag along behind him, and eventually get up next to him as he slows down to about 65 mph. I look over and kinda give the "let's go" look. He ignores me. Girl looks over, though. I shrug him off and proceed to pass him, making sure I slow down to about 60 mph after completing the pass. I figured this would make him want to pass me again. Sure enough, a bit later he whips it into the next lane and stomps on it. I quickly downshift to 4th and stomp it too. He's got the jump on me, so he's still gaining. He get to where the rear of his car is dead even with the front end of mine before I start reeling him in again. I top out 4th gear. At this point we're dead even, but I'm pulling away. I shift to 5th and stomp on it again, sailing by the guy. I'm pretty sure I see him mouth "fuck!" as I cruise by. He certainly didn't seem happy that he was just passed by a little 4-banger (with over 180k on the engine, and leaky valves and wore out rings) in his V8 Mustang. As he gives up passing me, he tucks in behind me with his tail between his legs (I briefly looked at the speedo at this point, and even though I'd already let off the gas and was slowing down, it indicated 125 mph). I slow down to about 60 again, and wave him by. He doesn't try to pass, but stays behind me for a couple miles to the next stop sign. As I make my turn to go home, he peels out behind me, and heads straight. Must have been pissed or something. Hehe!

First some girl hits on me, then I get to wipe the smug grin off some chump in a Mustang. It was a good night.

Note: If you're somehow involved with law enforcement, this story is pure fiction. I wouldn't go that fast on a public road. ;o)

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