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Friday January 25th 2008 (Entry was updated on Friday January 25th 2008)


Paul Harvey has got to be the least funny personality on radio. And he thinks he's so damn clever and funny. Not. He's incredibly annoying. That's all.

I can't believe people pay good money to broadcast this hack on their radio stations.

He's a walking bad ad for scam artists (Bose) and stupid stuff (the other products he totes).

For what that's worth.

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Thursday January 24th 2008

Deliciously silly song. :)

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Tuesday January 22nd 2008

Prison Break
So who watches Prison Break? I do. I've followed it since the beginning. It's starting to bug me, though. While "Michael" is supposedly a civil engineer, lately he's been migrating towards being clairvoyant.

It's as if he has an ability to see thing nobody else can.. Like how a tiny piece of rebar can hold up bracing, and when he removes it, it only caves in when a "bad guy" stands under it.

It's getting a little bit silly, I think.

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Monday January 21st 2008

Rescue Dawn (2006)
Based on the true story of Dieter Dengler, an American fighter pilot that was shot down and taken prisoner by the Vietcong in pre-Vietnam wat vietnam. The US were doing covert ops in Laos and Vietnam, but there was no war yet at this point.

After being shot down and captured he's tortured for a while, and finally taken to a POW camp where he meets other pows (including some Americans) that have been there for years already.

They eventually plan and execute an escape. But escaping the camp is only half the battle.. if even that.

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Wednesday January 16th 2008

A rather awesome animation set to the rather awesome song by Grandaddy, "So you'll aim toward the sky".

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Tuesday January 15th 2008

Red and I took the kiddies bowling last night. It was their first time bowling, and it made for some interesting events.. like trying to bowl down the wrong lane etc.

I had fun, though, even if Red beat me.

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Friday January 11th 2008 (Entry was updated on Friday January 11th 2008)

The gym
I finally returned to the gym last night. It's been since early December since last time I worked out. I was sick the entire month of December (more or less).

I definitely felt weaker than last time I worked out, but surprisingly not as bad as expected. I've taken two weeks off from working out before, and going back after that felt worse than going back last night.

I'm really sore today, though!

The kicker? I woke up today with what feels like a sore throat.

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Thursday January 10th 2008

Saw this posted elsewhere on the net, though it was cool and wanted to share:

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Thursday January 10th 2008

I'm still getting people looking for 4L60E transmission info coming to my site. Last night someone requested I post the parts list that goes along with the exploded view I posted. Problem is, I can't remember where I found the original PDF document that contains the exploded view/parts list. I know some eBay auction had a link to it, but I can't find it now.

I don't want to post the entire PDF file on my site since it's not mine to post.. copyright issues and all, ya know. I already violated their copyright by posting the exploded view.

So I did a little looking around and came across this: Hydra-matic 4L60-E Technicianís Guide.

Where was that when I could have used it? Lol! :o)

Hope this helps someone else.

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Monday January 7th 2008

Fifty Pills (2006)
Kristen Bell co-stars in the movie, so I just had to see it!

Basically a college guy gets kicked out of school and has no money to pay the tuition he ows. His room mate left him 50 pills of Ecstasy to sell so he could make the money. The movie is the story of the weekend that ensues.

Not too horrible, but really only worth it because of Kristen Bell. Even though she didn't look her best, IMO.

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Monday January 7th 2008

Alien vs. Predator - Requiem (2007)
Red and I went to see this over the holidays. I wasn't really expecting much from it, and only watched it because it seemed like the best one of the movies that were playing.

The original AvP was vastly superior to this movie. Actually, the original Predator and Alien(s) movies were vastly superior to the AvP movies. There was just a lot more suspense in the originals.

A decent "action" movie to kill some time with, but nothing to jump up and down about.

Shoot 'em Up (2007)
Watched it this weekend. I figured all the action and shooting would keep me awake, but no, it didn't.

It is what it is.. pointless shooting/action. That's its allure, but ultimately also its failure. It's just not interesting enough. Fun, sure.. interesting, no.

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Thursday January 3rd 2008 (Entry was updated on Friday January 4th 2008)

Happy New Year!
So it's 2008 now. Wahoo, right?

I went over to Red's for New Years. She cooked dinner and we had some wine and such with it. We soon ran out of wine, so she went and picked up another one. Soon that was gone too, so I walked to the gas station and picked up two more bottles. So much for not drinking much and driving home later.

Apparently we had a lot of fun, but unfortunately I seem to have misplaced some of the memories. There are only a few minutes missing, I think, but those were also the best minutes of the night based on what Red told me. After those minutes I spent the rest of the night throwing up and sleeping on the toilet. Yay.

The weird thing is I don't really like wine.

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Friday December 28th 2007 (Entry was updated on Friday December 28th 2007)

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Friday December 28th 2007

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Thursday December 27th 2007

Why do I keep getting sick? This weekend I was finally starting to get better. Then, on Sunday, Red comes over for a couple hours. The next day I wake up feeling worse. Tuesday (Christmas day) comes, and I feel worse yet. Yesterday I felt horrible. Today, thankfully, I'm feeling quite a bit better.

This time Red is sick too. And get this, she blames me! I'm the one that was getting better until she visited!

On the lighter side, I've already gone through the gamut of illnesses this year, so I should be pretty immune for a while.

Don't worry, Red, I still like ya!

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Wednesday December 26th 2007

I am Legend (2007)
Saw this movie this weekend. Hate to say it, but I wasn't impressed. In fact, I was a bit annoyed. It was more drama than zombie action. I won't call the movie bad, but it could have been so much better. I've read where people praise Will Smith for doing such a wonderful job. Personally, I wasn't impressed.

Gladiator (2000)
Another movie that somehow slipped through the fingers of time without me seeing it. So I finally did this weekend. It was entertaining, at least. A pretty cool sound track (the actual movie sounds, not the music).

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Wednesday December 26th 2007 (Entry was updated on Wednesday December 26th 2007)

My new guilty pleasure.
I discovered a new (old) show this long weekend. Veronica Mars. I watched the entire first season (22 episodes) plus the two first episodes of season 2.

It's a fairly typical "high school" type show, but there's adult humor mixed in here and there. Sometimes it's very subtle, which makes it even funnier.

Anyway, I'm really much too old to be enjoying this show, but I don't care!

I first saw Kristen Bell (who plays Veronica Mars) on Heroes as "Elle". Heroes was being discussed on a forum, and that's how I heard about Veronica Mars. I think "Elle" as good looking chick, so I figured I'd check out her previous work.

And no, it's not creepy for me to think she's hot. While she plays a 17 year old, she was really 24-26 during the recording of the show!

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Friday December 21st 2007

A correction to Wednesday's blog entry.

I said that J was engaged to get married.. I was right, but what I didn't realize was that her wedding was yesterday!! I talked to her sister again last night (she works retail, and I was shopping the store), and she said she just came from the wedding.. I said "You mean J's wedding???". She said "Yes, they tied the knot today". Wow! Here I thought she was only engaged, and she's already married. It was only September 6th that she things wouldn't work out between us. So it took 105 days from breaking up with 'til she was married again.. And She was divorced for all of a month or so in the mean time??

I guess I dodged a bullet with that one! Thanks for "dumping" me J!

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Wednesday December 19th 2007 (Entry was updated on Wednesday December 19th 2007)

It's Christmas! NO IT ISN'T!!
All fricken day at work they play Christmas music.. Apparently radio stations think it's a good idea to play nothing but Christmas music all day.. all week.. all December!. It's driving me nuts. I'm already wishing Christmas was over, and it hasn't even started yet!!

Who decided that Christmas starts in fricken November anyway? As far as I'm concerned, December 23rd is the beginning of Christmas time.. and it ends promptly on the 31st.

Remember J that I went out with a handful of times a few months ago? I talked to her sister yesterday, and apparently she's engaged to get married. Again! Her divorce was only final in October AFAIK. A bit soon, I would say, but if they can make it stick, more power to 'em. Now if she could only get over her weirdness around me and start cutting my hair again!!

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Monday December 17th 2007

Duracell in space
One of Duracell's recent claims to fame, as part of their "Trusted Everywhere" campaign, is that when NASA/IMAX needed a battery for use in space, they "trusted Duracell".

Well, a quick search of NASA Tech documents revealed this tidbit (form 1991):
Existing commercial cells manufactured by Duracell and Rayovac are currently being utilized on the Space Shuttle Orbiter in a mini-oscilloscope, the crew radio, and other crew equipment.

So it seems NASA also trusts Rayovac, which is a much cheaper brand of batteries (and also just happens to be the brand I usually get when I need batteries).

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