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Tuesday March 4th 2008 (Entry was updated on Thursday March 6th 2008)


I'm not quite sure what the idea was there...

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Monday March 3rd 2008 (Entry was updated on Monday March 3rd 2008)

Windmill explosion

And in slow motion:

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Monday March 3rd 2008

Got gas
So I picked up a 80 cf bottle of C25 welding gas this weekend.. What a difference. Flux core is really messy stuff. Gas welds come out looking real nice, though. I did find it a bit harder to fine tune the voltage/wire speed settings, but the results speak for themselves, I think.

A couple pieces of 3/16" steel welded together.

Some 16 gauge (0.0508").

I'm happy with my welds!

I friend of mine that's been a professional welder for decades was impressed!!

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Friday February 29th 2008

Welding.. closer, and slower.....
Some cool videos showing arc welding up close..

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Friday February 29th 2008

Johnny Dangerously (1984)
Johhny grows up in New York in the early 1900's. He's a good boy, but his mother needs surgery (which happens to be on sale that week for only $49.99), and to raise the money he gets involved with the mob. A war breaks out between competing mob gangs, and Johnny finds himself right in the middle.

Pretty funny movie, but the funniest parts are when Roman Moronie murders the English language with his cursing.

The fargin cursing:

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Thursday February 28th 2008 (Entry was updated on Thursday February 28th 2008)

Rocket Science (2007)
A kid with a studder issue has a hard time being anything other than a nerd in school. One day a pretty, older girl invites him to join the debate team, saying that "deformed" people are the best debaters. He promptly falls in love with this angel from heaven, and the fun begins..

You'll either love it or hate it. It's either funny to you, or you'll be bored out of your mind. I find it funny.

"There's a cello in your house now."

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Tuesday February 26th 2008

Blue Heron

Photo taken last night.

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Monday February 25th 2008

The Assassination of Jesse James... (2007)
Lots of awards and praise for this movie... but not from me. Too much drama, not nearly enough gun slinging. And it was long too. I guess I was hoping for a good old "western" type movie, not some deep drama about feelings and such.

No Country For Old Men (2007)
Even more praise for this movie. And mostly it's deserved. The ending leaves a lot to be desired, though, I think. I don't see movies to come up with my own endings.. I want the ending to be part of the movie.

SeaDoo D.E.S.S.
Did some experimenting with the SeaDoo D.E.S.S. system this weekend. The D.E.S.S. keys contain a code that's read by the onboard computer before start. I had a feeling this code was in the form of a DS2401 silicone serial number chip, and this weekend proved that I was right.

Seems spring is coming around soon.. Cool.

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Friday February 22nd 2008

Saw these guys on the side of the road last night..

Also... Have you ever seen the commercials for plastics where they show pop bottles dropping on the floor and not breaking? Well, that doesn't hold true for plastic milk jugs as was proven last night when one fell to the floor in my kitchen, spilling the whole gallon (minus enough to fill a regular sized drinking glass). I wasn't exactly pleased. And this was on my birthday of all days.

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Friday February 15th 2008 (Entry was updated on Monday February 18th 2008)

I made a small change to the blog to make it more search engine friendly.

All I gotta say is that there's got to be a lot of broken 4L60E transmissions out there, 'cause I get hits daily from people looking for an exploded view of one. I've had searchers from all over, including Germany, United Arab Emirates and Korea... Apparently the 4L60E breaks no matter which country it's being used in!

This latest blog change should make it easier for people to find it.

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Thursday February 14th 2008

Got myself a new smiley to go along with the welder. Lol!

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Thursday February 14th 2008

Oh, and...

It's that time of year, I guess.. Happy Valentine's day, Red! :)

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Thursday February 14th 2008

This morning...

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Tuesday February 12th 2008

Hobart Handler 187
So I bought a welder. Went with a 240V unit to future proof a little bit. I shouldn't out grow this in a while.

The only negative is that it's not spool gun ready. I'm thinking I know how to modify it so that it'll work with one, though. I'll cross that bridge when I get there. If not, Miller sells a box that allows a spool gun to be used with welders not meant for one. They want $250 for that box (SGA-100), but I can make one for around $20. That's plan B. Hopefully plan A works out, and I won't need the box.

The "box".

The innards. Not a lot to it.

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Monday February 11th 2008

88 (minutes)
Dr. Jack Gramm has 88 minutes to solve a murder.. his own.

Despite blowing up a Porsche 911 (clearly not a real car in the explosion scene... a little too clearly.. they could have spent another $100 and made it look just a luttle bit real, at least), trying to make you think just about every character in the movie is the killer and then trying to not make you suspect the real killer (thereby making the character seem even more suspicious), it's not a horrible movie.

A lot of small things are "wrong" in this movie; like Gramm's cell phone getting a huge gash in the screen after he drops the flip-type phone.. even when the phone was closed when he dropped it.. His Porsche 911 being an obvious fake when it blows up, etc, etc. But if you can look past those laughable things, it's decent entertainment. Oh, and the bad guy (Jon Forster, who Dr. Gramm help put behind bars) just doesn't seem that scary for being a serial killer.

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Tuesday February 5th 2008

Vending freebies
I was just at the vending machine this morning, and I was thinking it's been a long time since I got a freebie out of it. I looked over all the products, and none of them looked like they'd give me a freebie.

I decided to get some Banana Twinkies. Lo and behold, they got kinda stuck, and took 2 or 3 seconds to slowly tip over and fall down. Bingo! Freebie! And not only that, someone else had left 10 in the change return.. So I made money on the Twinkies! The day is starting out great!

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Friday February 1st 2008

Kumho Ecsta AST

The Ecsta AST is designed to provide the exotic looks, traction and value tuners want in a tire while providing year-round traction on dry and wet roads, as well as in light snow.

I don't know what Kumho's definition of light snow is, but it must mean an incredibly thin layer, close to invisible to the naked eye.

It certainly doesn't mean when the roads are covered in snow. As soon as there's even a hint of snow coverage on the road, my tires have absolutely no traction. I've had skis on my feet that had better traction!

And don't even think about starting from a stand still on any kind of incline in the snow (like 2-3" of it). My driveway has a slight incline to it.. maybe 2. I almost got stuck in it today... on 2" of snow. It's ridiculous. And it's not the first time, either. Last time we got a bunch of snow, I parked on the side road next to my house while I cleared out the driveway. When I tried to back out and into the driveway, the very slight camber (the way the roads "lean" towards the outside of the lanes, so that water and such drains off) in the road caused my car to slide sideways into the ditch. This was without the car actually moving at all.. just the front end slid directly sideways.

Clearly when Kumho called it an all season tire, they were referring to warmer climates.... like Arizona.

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Wednesday January 30th 2008


I'm in a bad mood this morning. I went to get in my car and head to work, only to find two very frozen doors. It's not that I couldn't get 'em open, they just wouldn't stay shut once I opened them. So I drove to work with my doors flapping in the breeze.

Once at work, I spent about 10 minutes somehow trying to wedge some sticks in between the doors and car body to make 'em stay closed.. I just don't feel like having snow in my car later on today. Ofcourse, with the wind and the 0F temperatures (-15F wind chill), standing out there for 10 minutes with wet hair was quite the treat. And I'm pretty sure the wind will blow the doors open at some point too, which will only serve to further degrade my state of happiness.

You could say this put a damper on my mood. In fact, I'm quite pissed off.

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Tuesday January 29th 2008 (Entry was updated on Tuesday January 29th 2008)

Oy vey, oy vey, oy vey, oy vey and we annoy Teh Pear all through the day

You've probably heard that incredibly annoying song by Santana ft. Chad Kroeger (from Nickelback), Into The Night.

After Paul Harvey's voice, Chad Kroeger's is #2. Hell, maybe even shared first place. As if his voice isn't annoying enough, he keeps saying "oy vey" (okay, it's really "oh ay") through the whole damn song, which gets progressively more and more annoying.

I think I'd rather listen to fingernails across a chalkboard.

No, I'm not bitter!

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Friday January 25th 2008 (Entry was updated on Friday January 25th 2008)


It's cold these days..

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