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Monday June 9th 2008

Summer.. finally!
Summer's here! I finally got the jet ski on the water yesterday. Several things had gone wrong over winter, and they needed fixing. Yesterday I changed out the fuel hoses due to the old ones turning into goo and plugging up the carbs. Much to my surprise when I peered inside the hull, something peered back at me!

It was a mouse. She's built a nest inside the ski. She even had some kids in there. This mouse wasn't easy to scare off. She was noticably scared, but she didn't go anywhere. I could poke her with a screwdriver, and she'd just smell it and try to take a little bite out of it.

I let her stay while I worked on the ski, but when I was done I told her she had to go. She didn't get it.

So I brought out the Shop-Vac and vacuumed out part of the nest. Now I could clearly see the kiddies.

Video of the mouse and her kiddies...

No matter what I did, she didn't go away. Finally I vacuumed out the whole nest and the kiddies too. She still stuck aroudn. I had to grab her by the tail with a pair of needle nose pliers. Once I had a hold of her, she tried to get away, and it was actually a bit hard pulling her out! Once out I tossed her in the woods and told her to stay away.

I went back into the garage and finished cleaning up the ski and getting it ready for the water. As I was about to head out of the garage to get the car and hook up the trailer, guess who was sitting on the bumper of the ski looking at me! The damn mouse! I shooed her off, and she jumped down and disappeared into the garage somewhere... Hopefully she won't be back!

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Monday June 2nd 2008

Funny stuff!
Top 10 Most Hilarious Test Exam Answers

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Friday May 30th 2008 (Entry was updated on Friday May 30th 2008)

Iz mad skillz, yo!

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Wednesday May 28th 2008

Loctite annoyances!!!! Argh!
I hate it when people say "put some loctite on it, and blah blah blah". First of all, Loctite is a brand name, so it gets capitalized. Second, seeing as it's a brand name, they make a lot of different products under the same brand! Why can't people get this?!? They seem to think Loctite is a universal product that does everything, and that once you put something together with it, you can never get it apart.

Not so. They make a lot of different Loctite products for a reason.. And only a few of them are threadlockers!

It frustrates me!

Same thing happens with Permatex.

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Tuesday May 27th 2008 (Entry was updated on Tuesday January 5th 2010)

Cardone > Fenco
Well, the verdict is in. I received my Cardone remanufactured brake caliper on Saturday. The Cardone (from Advance Auto/ caliper costs another couple bucks over the Fenco (Autozone) caliper, but it's totally worth it.

Not only does Cardone know how to press a seal in properly, they even supply you with new guide pin bolts. Overall, the Cardone unit looks much better (as much better as a brake caliper can, I guess).

So the clear winner here is Cardone.

Tags: Compared crap vs better

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Thursday May 22nd 2008

Paul Harvey sucks.. and here's proof.
Paul Harvey keeps toting crap products and services.. and people apparently keep believing the bullshit he spews.

Reading the following article put a smile on my face: LifeLock doesn't work.

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Wednesday May 21st 2008 (Entry was updated on Wednesday May 21st 2008)

Give me another brake!
So I decided to get some remanufactured brake calipers for the rear of my car. Now, brake calipers are very simple things. A cast housing, a rubber o-ring, a piston and a dust seal. It would be hard to screw up rebuilding one, right?


I ordered a set for the car, and when they arrived, one (the drivers side) didn't have the dust seal properly seated. So I returned it and got another one. Guess what!? Same problem with the replacement. Again, I returned it. Third time's the charm, right? Wrong again. Same exact problem with 3 calipers in a row! These were Fenco brand calipers. Obviously Fenco has a QC problem.

Finally Autozone told me that they are unable to supply me with a quality product and that I should go to a competitor and get a Cardone brand one or something.. So I did. Hopefully Cardone knows what they're doing!

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Tuesday May 20th 2008 (Entry was updated on Tuesday May 20th 2008)

Clunk - No more!
My car's had a clunk in the front end for a long time. Part of it was caused by shitty Moog ball joints (tip: avoid at all costs... get Spicer or NAPA Gold (which is made by Spicer)). Once I put the NAPA bj's in, some of the clunking went away. Last night I put in some Energy Suspension polyurethane inner anti sway bar bushings.. wow, what a difference. The clunk's all gone!

I already have Energy Suspension poly bushings on the front control arms, so now the only remaining rubber bushings in the front are on the outer sway bar. I looked at them last night and they still look brand new (I replaced them when I first got this car since the previous owner gave me some NIB ones). At some point I'll replace those too with PU ones.

I already have some new Spicer brand upper strut mounts on the shelf. Once I can find a decent damper (I was wanting Koni, but they no longer manufacture dampers for my car) I'll put those on too. At that point the entire front suspension will basically be brand new. I'm going to look into adapting some of Koni's cut-a-strut inserts for my car. I can't seem to find any technical info on them, though. I need info on the struts Koni used to make as well as the cut-a-strut so I can find something that compares.

I'll be making some front and rear strut/shock tower braces for the car at some point. Hopefully that'll help stiffen it up some. With most the roof being cut out due to the t-tops, the chassis isn't exactly stiff. More like a wet noodle.

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Tuesday May 20th 2008

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004)
For some reason I always thought this was about two black guys going to White Castle. Not until I saw Harold and Kumar on The Tonight Show did I realize otherwise.

Apparently the movie has somewhat of a cult status, so I decided to watch it.

I'm not one to smoke pot, so I can't relate to the characters, but the saga of the two getting to White Castle is pretty darn funny.

Hopefully the new H&K movie is as good... I doubt it, though.

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Thursday May 15th 2008 (Entry was updated on Thursday May 15th 2008)

Global warming causes great tits to come out earlier!
I think we can all agree that this is a good thing.

I think I need to make a trip to England, specifically Wytham Woods near Oxford, where people have been observing great tits for decades!

Article here.

Not what you were expecting?

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Tuesday May 13th 2008

Cloverfield (2008)
There was quite a bit of advertising for this movie on TV prior to it coming out, yet once it was out it seemed the hype died quickly. People I've mentioned the movie to lately don't even recall ever hearing about it.

I just watched it last night, and I gotta say, I liked it! It's a monster movie and love story all in one.

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Monday May 12th 2008

Teeth (2007)
A movie I thought was going to be some kind of gore fest, but turned out not to be.

Vagina dentata, long believed to be just a myth. Unfortunately for the girl in this movie, she's living proof that it isn't.

It's a pretty dumb movie overall. A few decent moments, but with lots of questionable acting in between.

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Friday May 9th 2008

Does this hat make me look flyeth?
Great episode of Scrubs last night. Elliot makes a hot medieval princess!

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Thursday May 8th 2008

This is old, but I still think it's funny.

It's the nerd in me, I guess.....

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Wednesday May 7th 2008

The gym vs. being sick
I've been sick an awful lot last year and so far this year. Heck, I even have a sore throat and couch right now.

I still went to the gym last night, though. I really didn't feel like it, but I made myself. Once there, I didn't really have the energy.. No surprise there. But once I got started, the energy came on strong, and it was one of the best workout in a long time.

I'm finally at a point now that I don't have any aches or pains, and I can pile on the weights again. It's just more fun that way! Of course, piling on the weight is what brings on the pains.

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Thursday May 1st 2008

Funny stuff...

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Wednesday April 30th 2008

Ultimate act of sportsmanship?

Cool story about true sportsmanship!

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Thursday April 24th 2008 (Entry was updated on Thursday April 24th 2008)

I have to applaud this effort:

What to do with junk mail..

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Wednesday April 23rd 2008

Give me a brake! Again!
I noticed the other rear brake caliper was sticking a bit a couple days ago. It was fine later in the day, though, but if it stuck once, it'll stick again.. So I replaced that one too.

I tore down the engine in the Intrepid I bought some time ago. A couple knocking rod bearings and low compression. It already had a new timing chain put on (as well as a new piston/rod combo).

The original plan was to toss the 2.7 liter engine and bolt in a 3.2 liter instead.. but people keep saying the 2.7's are so horrible, and that even if you rebuild it it'll break again right away.. this kinda sounds like a challenge, so I decided to rebuild it instead! Price to rebuild comes in at about $800, not much more than dropping in a used engine. The benefit, of course, is that I'll have an engine with 0 miles on it instead of one with a bunch.

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Thursday April 17th 2008

Give me a brake!
My lunch hour today wasn't what I planned it to be. Instead I had to change the right rear brake caliper on my car. Turns out it froze up, so the brake was dragging. Fortunately I had a spare on the shelf. It's not pretty and red like the one I took off, but at least it works.

Add to that, my dog had puked up a huge bunch of... something on my carpet.

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