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Friday January 20th 2012

Red draws herself!
Red left me a note the other day that featured a drawing of herself.

Great, isn't it? :)

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Thursday January 5th 2012

Happy New Year!

So Red was doing some doodling the other day, and she decided to draw me.

Great, eh?

Just to show that she really can draw, here's one she did a few days ago.

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Monday November 28th 2011

Holding a joint vs. cancer stick
So I was watching a Fox news segment about people smoking pot and drinking on the job. Seeing them smoke brought on a question.


Notice the different ways of holding them. Pot is held with the finger tips, while tobacco is held between the fingers.

Not being a pot nor tobacco smoker myself, I can't really see why the different ways of holding 'em. I can only imagine it's an image thing, and people have seen other people hold their joints that way, and as such don't want to be less cool, so they hold it that way as well.

Little do they know they're totally uncool.

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Friday October 28th 2011

Without further ado, a blog post: Are my farts toxic?
Well, not really toxic, but somehow it seems they disagree with denim.

I have 2 or 3 pairs of jeans that all have issues in the.. ahem, rear quarters. For some reason they all developed holes in the area between the two back pockets. This is not from foreign object damage. Nor is it from wear and tear, because the pants haven't been used that much. The usual wear areas are fine.

I had one pair fail after wearing them 2 or 3 times. I sent those back to the manufacturer, and they in turn sent me a check for replacement cost. These didn't fail in the ass area, but rather on the front thigh area.

So is it my farts doing them in? Or do they simply not make jeans like they used to (well, duh, they don't). Even if they're not made like before, how come they all seem to have issues in the same areas? Granted I sit on my ass a lot during a work day, but who ever wore out pants by sitting?

I have a pair of jeans (Henry Choice brand) that's going on 20 years old. I've worn them in the garage, working on cars, etc. They're filthy, dirty and have seen plenty of action. Yet, they don't have a single hole or tear in them. If it wasn't for being dirty and faded, you'd think they were lightly used at worst.

Come to think of it, this was never a problem prior to Red moving in and cooking dinner. Maybe it's her cooking causing weird science in my insides which in turn causes gas that's denim unfriendly.

So am I the only one with this problem? (Probably)

Tags: Og luften ble fylt med de rareste ting, de rareste ting tingeling!

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Thursday September 15th 2011

Guilt, and posting
I haven't posted in a while, mostly due to feeling guilty about pushing Turbo down the list. Well, I rearranged the landing page today to include Turbo, so I suppose I can post stuff now.

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Wednesday July 6th 2011 (Entry was updated on Wednesday July 6th 2011)



Rest in peace, furry friend.

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Friday May 27th 2011

Machinery in the dark
I took these pictures at work today.

Tags: old machinery

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Thursday May 12th 2011

A couple movie ratings... since I haven't in a long time:

Sniper Reloaded (2011)
I guess the "reloaded" in the title should have given it away as being not so great. And it wasn't. Not too horrible, but certainly not finely polished.

The Mechanic (2011)
I like Jason Statham.. what guy doesn't? Any movie with him in it appeals to guys. It's action, explosions, stunts... You know, the stuff guys like. I never did see the original 1972 movie, which is probably why I enjoyed this one. I'll make a mental note to see the original so I can compare notes.

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Monday May 9th 2011

U.S. English
I support the efforts to adopt English as the official language of the USA.

English isn't even my native tongue! I think that learning English should be a requirement for immigrating to the USA. If you love your native language that much, just stay where it's spoken. Don't move here and expect us to print all our warning labels in Spanish and French as well.

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Thursday May 5th 2011

Obama Bin Laden?
Okay, so apparently Osama is dead (good riddance). But what the heck does that have to do with Obama? It's not like he had any part in this. All he did was sit in a room and watch the operation unfold on TV.

If you're gonna credit a president for Osama's death, credit GW Bush. He's the one that started the witch hunt.

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Monday April 11th 2011

Finally went paintballing again this weekend. Had been since 2009.

Somehow my field pants had shrunk while I wasn't wearing them.. weird.

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Tuesday March 15th 2011 (Entry was updated on Tuesday March 15th 2011)

Mitutoyo linear DRO scale lip seals
I needed some replacement dust seals for a couple Mitutoyo AT2-N type scales. Finding part numbers was impossible online, so I called up Mitutoyo USA. They gave me a couple part numbers, depending on length. Without further ado, here they are:

64AAB154 40" DUST PROOF LIP SEAL. List at ~$10 each.
64AAB155 60" DUST PROOF LIP SEAL. List at ~$15 each.

You'll need two for each scale.

Mitutoyo won't sell direct, so you'll have to find a distributor. Avoid McMaster-Carr, as they're way over list price. I'll be getting mine from Production Tool Supply, who quoted right at list price.

Tags: AT2-N1000 AT2-N1200 529-110-5

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Wednesday March 9th 2011 (Entry was updated on Wednesday March 9th 2011)

Electric Light Orchestra
Time... it's gotta be their best album ever. Released in 1981, when I was only 6 years old! I remember my dad having the cassette tape in the car and listening to it on road trips. It's funny how music you hear as a kid sticks with you throughout life.

ELO : Time (1981)

Tags: Rock'n'roll is king!

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Monday February 7th 2011

So another Superbowl came and went without me catching even a glimpse of it.. Ahhh, life is good.

Tags: football != soccer

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Monday January 31st 2011 (Entry was updated on Monday January 31st 2011)

Using window.opener.myfunction
So I've been using a javascript:window.opener.myfunction() call for inserting pictures into my blog. This worked for a while when I first set it up, then it stopped working for a while. Then a while later it would work again, then it stopped working again.

I was rather confused as to why it would sometimes work and sometimes not.

Well, today I took some time to look into it, and I figured it out:

Turns out when opening a new window that will use opener.myfunction() type calls, you can't open it with""). You have to use"/mypage"). If you include the full domain name in the open call, the browser thinks you're trying to perform a cross domain call from your script. This is not allowed for security reasons.

Even though both the opener and the opened page were both located on the same domain, removing the domain part of the open call was all it took to make the function work again.

The reason it sometimes worked and sometimes didn't was Opera (my browser of choice) changing what it considers cross domain in its different versions.

Edit: Okay, I for shits and giggles I tried putting the full domain back in the calls, and now it works either way.. Argh. It didn't work just a few moments ago.

Edit 2: Okay, I figured it out. I seems once I had it working in a window, even reloading the page with the code that shouldn't work, it kept working. But once I closed the window and reopened the page, it stopped working. So my initial findings are correct.

Edit 3: Well I'll be damned. I closed the window and reopened it.. this time it worked with the full domain in the call. It seems totally random whether it does or not, but without using the domain name in the call, it works every time.

Tags: Opera is confusing me!

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Monday January 31st 2011

Norge = Norway = Dry clothes
I came across this picture and thought it neat... being Norwegian and all. I'd never heard of the brand prior to seeing this picture:

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Monday January 3rd 2011 (Entry was updated on Monday January 3rd 2011)

Get a grip!
The handle (grip) on my angle grinder broke the other day while I was cleaning the garage. I can't remember how it happened, but it dropped to the floor and the handle broke.

So this weekend I decided to make a replacement.

I started with a couple Snap-On tools I got when I bought a Snap-On brake lathe a couple years ago. One was an air conditioning tool, the other one I really don't know what it was.

Anyway, I parted off tool #1 (, then turned it down in a couple steps. After that I single point threaded it so it would screw in to the angle grinder. Thread was 5/16-20.

Next came tool #2. This was some kind of air conditioning tool. Basically a piece of round with a threaded center hole. I'm guessing it was some sort of seal or bearing installer tool. Anyway, I bored out the hole to make it a press fit over the previously machined part. Then I parted it off so it wouldn't be so thick.

Next I pressed #2 onto #1 and wanted to bevel the one edge of #2. I chucked it back up in the lathe and started the beveling. Apparently the press fit wasn't tight enough, and it spun on #1. I took #2 off again and knurled the area of #1 where #2 goes. This time the press fit was nice and tight, and I managed to bevel the edge.

This is the end result.

Tags: Snap On Tools Repurposed

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Thursday December 16th 2010

Plasticware and it's place in line
One thing I never quite figured out is why when you go to some event (wedding reception etc) where there's food served in a buffet style is the plasticware (forks, spoons, knives) and napkins always placed first in line?

It would make a lot more sense to put them at the end, since you don't need them until you go to sit down and eat. Having them first just makes it more likely for people to drop them on the floor or into the food while they're going down the line.

Tags: My spoon is too big!

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Friday December 10th 2010

Text messaging auto correct funnies.. very funny.

Text messaging auto correct funnies..

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Monday October 18th 2010

Going modern
So far in my life I've managed just great without a PNA, or a GPS unit if you prefer.. However, the last two times I've used to print directions I've had "issues" with them. I can't blame yahoo's maps, because they were correct. Instead, it's my fault, I suppose. The last issue I had was when it said to turn onto Random Rd. Well, I was at an intersection with Random Rd, but according to the directions I wasn't supposed to be there for 1/2 a miles. Well, turns out there a North Random Rd and a South Random Rd. How was I to know?

A road atlas would do the trick, I suppose, and I have one for my home state in my other car, but that's really not a lot of help when I'm not driving that car. Besides, once I go out of state, it becomes useless (and the road atlas of the entire country lacks enough detail). Not to mention it's rather large and there's really no good place to store it in the car without it cluttering things up.

So I decided to join the ranks of modern day people and buy a GPS unit. Okay, maybe "modern" way of doing it is using ones smart phone, but I don't have one of those either. Like with the GPS, I've managed just great without for a long time now. My cell phone is a Motorola i450. It was my first and only cell phone, and it makes and receives calls just great. I used to have "free" web access on it too, but Boost Mobile has since closed that loop hole.

Anyway, I decided to get a GPS, and having just missed a $29.99+s&h+tax deal for a refurbished Insignia (Best Buy store brand) NS-NAV01 I did the next best thing, which was get it some place else for pennies more. :)

It's no TomTom or Garmin (as reflected by the much lower price), but guess what? I works just fine and is slim and sleek. The first thing I did when I got it was delete the included nav app and maps, then install iGO Primo and the latest Tele Atlas maps and POI's and a set of 3D .dem files. After having Tele Atlas tell me my house was on the opposite side of the road, I decided to install the NavTeq maps instead (even the building files for 3D buildings in larger cities). At least now my house is on the correct side of the road, but a road a couple blocks north goes by the wrong name. Oh well, can't win 'em all, I guess.

Reviews of the NS-NAV01 report a lot of freezing and terrible signal reception. So far neither has been an issue for me.

Tags: men don't ask directions

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