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Tuesday September 19th 2006

Some pictures are up from the zoo. Red only sent me a few of 'em, so these are all I have (for now, at least). Click the picture to go see the other pictures (named "zoo xxx.jpg").

Yep, that's me feeding the giraffe! They're so cute!

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Monday September 18th 2006

I can now die a happy man!

Went to the zoo yesterday and had a blast! I got to feed and pet the giraffes, so my life is now complete. I even got a couple pics of 'em, and as soon as Red e-mails them to me (hint, hint), I'll post em up here for all to see. We walked around the entire zoo, not missing a single animal. I think we spent about 5 hours there. I was tired after only sleeping a few hours, then spending the entire day walking around (and pushing a baby stroller too), so once I got home I ended up crashing on the couch for just under an hour.

Today's the first day of my week long vacation. I spent it cleaning the garage. I built some shelves and moved a lot of stuff around so that there is now room for a car in the 2.5 car garage.

The weather this week is going to be gray/wet/cold. Thursday seems to be the only clear day, so I'll see about going skydiving then.

Until next time, readers (all 3 of you, or however many of you actually read this dribble).

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Sunday September 17th 2006

It's Sunday at 9:30 in the morning. I just woke up 1/2 hr ago.

Red and I are taking the kids (read: me) to the zoo today. Gonna visit Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek. I've been told they have giraffes there. Sweet! I love giraffes. I was also told they're not the kind that have the two balls on teir heads, though, which is a bummer. I like those. Not sure what the difference is between the ones that do and the ones that don't.

Ok, time for me to blow about last night.. That's a joke, btw. In my last post I typoed and said I'd "blow about it" if Red beat me at bowling. Well, she did. 3 out of 3 games! First game she won by 10 pts, second by 19, and third by 9 I think. I really thought I had the 3rd game in the bag, but her Irish side came out and she got a strike on the 10th frame! Argh! I made a valiant attempt at beating her anyway, but alas, no such luck. I guess there's no such thing as lucky Norwegian.

I decided I'd beat her at air hockey instead. I did, 2 out of 3 games. But that's not the best part, though. In the second game, I shot a pretty hard puck towards her, and it bounced off her.. thingy. whatever those paddle things are called, and went vertical, hitting her squarely in the left eyebrow! It then bounced off her head, and almost landed in the corner pocket of the pool table nearby!

At first I thought it was funny that it hit the pool table. That is until I realized it had bounced off her head first! She ended up with a bump above her eye. Like a champ she returned for game 3 anyway, though (after a short break to gather herself). During game 3, a very similar shot did the exact same thing, but this time it barely grazed her left cheek.

So, while I did lose 3 games of (glow in the dark) bowling, I don't feel bad. I admittedly suck at bowling! It's like racing a Honda.. Sure you beat it, but it's not something you tell your friends about.

I'm off to eat some breakfast.

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Thursday September 14th 2006


I'm trying my best to write something here that you'd be even remotely interested in reading. Problem is, I'm drawing a total blank.

I could talk about how the rollover minutes on my cell phone didn't roll over this time due to the provider not sending a message reminding me to add minutes (yeah, I use a prepaid cell phone. $20 every 3 months sounds much better than $50/month). But that would be boring, so I won't talk about that...

Red is now talking about beating me at bowling. While I do suck at bowling, I'm sure I'll be able to beat her handily. If I do, I'll blog about it. If I don't, I guess I'll blow about that too.

I have next week off work, btw, so updates might be few. Or none. Pretty much as usual, in other words.

Well, I've written something. Good 'nuff.

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Tuesday September 12th 2006

Anyone remember Sade from the 80's? Biggest hit back then was "Smooth operator", I guess.

Well, they've (she?) has released some music since then, and it ain't bad!

If you get a chance, you should have a listen to some of their stuff. Fair warning, though, it has a "jazzy" feel to it for the most part!

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Monday September 11th 2006

Well, my prophecy came true. Red and I went go-karting Saturday night. Sure as ducks have webbed toes, she ended up in the fence and needed assistance to get back out. Granted, she was only in the fence twice. I'll have to give her props for not being a totally useless driver behind the kart-wheel.

It didn't help that the cart she drove was just a hair faster than mine, and she kept pulling away down the straightaway every lap. I had to catch her in the corners. Finally after chasing for like 4 laps I got position on her. I ducked to the inside around a corner,and when she tried to close the door I got on the gas and straightened out just a little bit. Wham! In the fence she went.

After that we did a few laps around the (slippery) oval track too. After I'd.. uh, "helped" her get turned around a few times, she decided just to stay away from me. Where's the fun in that? She complained that the only reason she was in the fence was because I put her there. Well, duh!

After the karts we grabbed something to eat, then headed to a bowling alley to play some pool and air hockey. She beat me in two games of pool and the air hockey (final score was 6-7).

I talked to my parents briefly this weekend. I guess my brother is going house shopping today so he can move out of the house he's living in with his girlfriend of 11 years. I guess he doesn't like her in that way anymore. Seems to be a trend in the family. First I get divorced, now he's dumping his g/f.

I can't think of anything else blog-worthy that happened over the weekend..

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Friday September 8th 2006

My god.

I think the scale at the gym is broken. According to it I've gained 12 lbs in the last couple months. I just don't see it. Granted, I've been eating like a pig lately, but 12 lbs?!? Apart from a little more gut, I think I still look pretty much the same. How can I be 12lbs heavier and still fit just fine into the same pants?

In any case, I need to drop some weight. I'm not gonna have washboard abs with a layer of flab covering 'em up.

I'm thinking I'm also gonna pick up some glucosamine sulfate one of these days. It's apparently good for maintaining/rebuilding cartilage. This will come in handy as I quite often have to lay off certain exercises for a while when working out due to joint pain. Hopefully this will maybe keep that from happening. The mind and the muscles want to go heavier, but the bones don't always agree.

Well, people, it's Friday and you know what that means. Uh.. Well, not a whole lot, really. I guess if I was one to go out and get plastered every weekend, Friday would be special, but since I'm not, it isn't. It does signify the beginning of the weekend, though. And that's cool. Means I can catch up on chores and stuff again. Not to mention make Red eat her words about the go-karting. Unless it rains, of course. Fingers crossed for dry weather.

My mom's sort of been on my case about painting the porches for some time. She was happy to see that they've both been painted now.

So someone I work with has someone else I work with thinking I'm gay or something. I don't really care, but the guy that thinks I'm gay (or whatever he thinks) turns out to be a total homophobe! You can almost see his cheeks tighten as I walk by. It's rather funny! On the bright side he probably won't come into my office and bore me with his stories of nerdy computer games he plays. I can only take so much blabber about spells and magic potions.

That's all folks!

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Thursday September 7th 2006

Another day, another blog entry.

Okay, so just another day.

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Wednesday September 6th 2006

A very wise man once said "I'm limitless within my limitations". Pretty damn profound, huh?

Well, the credit card ordeal is taken care of. Took all of 30 seconds once I got a hold of the Fraud Dept.

Red and I are planning on riding some go-karts this weekend. She's talking all kinds of smack, saying she'll show me how it's done! LOL! She's so funny sometimes. We'll see who gets the last laugh when the track personnel has to come push her out of the fence a few times.

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Tuesday September 5th 2006

What's in my wallet?

Apparently a useless piece of plastic. Ever since I got my couches, my Capital One credit card hasn't worked. Apparenlty they thought me buying stuff at Home Depot, then minutes later trying to buy something at Big Lots! was an "unusual spending pattern", so they decided to suspend my accounting until they got it verified with me that everything was ok. This in itself isn't such a bad thing. I wish they would have waited until the spending at least went over $1000 or so. They'd called me that same night or the following day, and I called them back and squared it all away. Or so I thought!

Turns out it's still suspended! Argh! I called them Friday and inquired about it. Seems I didn't pay my bill last month, and that's why it was still suspended. I told them that I didnt' think I had to make a payment when I owed them a total of $0! So I get to talk to someone else. Turns out the first person didn't know what she was talking about (nor did I, really, since I had a hard time understanding the ebonics she was spouting), and the real reason for the suspended account is STILL the Home Depot/Big Lots! ordeal. So I was transferred to another person again, but he couldn't release my card since it was now in the Fraud Dept's hands. And they're closed for the holiday!!

Today I get to call them again and bitch. They recently upped my credit limit to $10,000. That's all great, but what good does it do me when the card doesn't even work!?!? And how come they haven't called me and asked me about it?!?! The first time I "cleared it up" with them I talked to some Indian idiot. I swear, if some camel riding Indian answers the phone when I call them back today, I'll reach through the phone and strangle someone. You'd think a basic handle on the English language would be a requirement for someone whose job is to talk exclusively to english speaking people.

What's in my wallet my ass.

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Tuesday September 5th 2006

So I've been listening to .977 (Club 977, a streaming internet radio with nothing but 80's music) lately, and I can't help it, but every time Milli Vanilli comes on I keep thinking that they're pretty damn cool. They have some pretty groovy beats. I don't care if they faked it or not.

In other news, I've been painting this weekend. And constructing. Built some new steps for my side porch, and painted both the front and side porch.

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Thursday August 31st 2006

I suck at batting.

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Monday August 28th 2006

3 quick movie reviews:

1. Wilderness
Two thumbs down for this crappy movie. I've read reviews by people that say it was a nail biter, it was well done, and british film industry is making a comeback into the slasher type movies with this. Well, if that's trye, then I'm predicting the shortest comeback in history. The movie was not at all scary, and the bad guy was just a guy.. nothing menacing about him. Bleh.

2. American Gun
A movie about how guns affect our lives. Pretty good overall, but ended with what to me seemed like too many loose ends. See it if you can.

3. Shadowboxer
A must see for fans of Cuba Gooding Jr's ass. About 1/2 the movie is his naked ass from different angles. Pretty decent other than that, though.


I met up with the "blast from the past" (I referred to her some time ago) this weekend. Not going to say much more than that, as it's really none of your business. :D We met up, went for a walk and talked, then had some pizza at Pizza Hut. Then I hugged her goodbye. That's all that happened. So nyah-nyah to all you nay-sayers that said I wouldn't be able to "behave".

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Friday August 25th 2006

Man, what a filthy day at work. Been running new network cable down the length of the shop. It's a welding shop, and the cables run in the ceiling. VERY DUSTY!!

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Wednesday August 23rd 2006

Hey Red. Thinking about you. :)

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Tuesday August 22nd 2006

It's my mom's birthday today! Happy Birthday Mom! Gratulerer med dagen!

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Monday August 21st 2006

Dentist visit went well. All smiles and no cavities.

I decided to swing by Home Depot on the way home from the dentist on Friday. Lo and behold, the truck was in! After talking with the customer service person (Laurie was her name) for about 45 mins (at least it seemed that long), the truck was finally mine. I grabbed a cart and started loading it up with a 24' ladder. Then I swung down the lumber isle and got some 2x10's. Next came some boards, and finally some molding for my living room. All together it came to $200-something (can't remember the exact amount).

After tossing all my stuff in the back of the truck and strapping it down, I drove down to Big Lots and bought my couches. A few minutes later I had tossed those in the back of the truck too, and was heading home. I didn't have enough straps to strap the couches in as well as the lumber/ladder, so the couches had to hold on for dear life.

After unloading all the stuff into the garage, I headed back to Home Depot. By this time it had started sprinkling, and it started raining harder on the way. Guess I got lucky there!

I was pretty surprised by how well the truck (a Ford F-350) handled. It took curves with a hint of grace (and a hint of complaint from the tires). I decided to see if it could do a burnout on the fairly wet road. It could. 3 times even. I gassed it up at Meijer, then turned it back in at HD. I was charged $5 over the normal $20 for 15 mins extra time. That's cool. They can use those extra $5 towards new tires.

Red (hesitantly) admitted that my new couches match my living room. I could see the disappointment in her eyes. She was looking forward to painting my living room another color. I might let her do it still. I wouldn't mind something lighter colored myself.

I fell asleep on my new sofa Saturday night. Woke up at 6:30 in the morning and decided to go to bed. No soreness or aches, so it works well for sleeping on.

Sunday I spent sleeping and eating 'til 4pm or so. A little later I met Red at a park to hang out with her and her oldest kid (just short of 2 years old). The youngest one wasn't feeling good. Neither was I, for that matter. Both the kids and I came down with colds after the Disney thing last week. Red told me this morning that she too is sick now.

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Friday August 18th 2006

I bought a new toilet seat last night. Wohoo!

Not only that, I also get to go to the dentist today.

An exciting couple days, I tell ya.

I haven't gotten around to going skydiving yet, either. I'm kinda bummed as I was really wanting to get it done this summer. I suppose I still have a few more weeks.

I'm really hoping to get a new couch and love seat this weekend. As well as some much needed supplies from Home Depot. Depends on whether the Home Depot rental truck is available or not. It's constantly out. I don't know why they only have one! I might be able to con M. into helping me out with his truck, but I'm afraid it'll be a bit small for the task (was hoping to only make one trip).

Things are going well with Red. I got to play dad on Tuesday night. We went to an outdoors performance (if you can call it that) of Disney songs. Brought her two kids along. I never thought I'd say this, but I enjoyed it a lot. I think I'll like dad-hood when that time comes. Typically I like little girls. Little boys just always were a pain. But these two boys caught me by surprise. Even though they (mostly the older one) wasn't on their best behavior, I didn't have any problems with it. I even got the youngest one to stop crying all by myself. It was a pinnacle moment for me since kids normally would start crying when I held them!

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Friday August 18th 2006

Did I ever mention how much Paul Harvey sucks? Sometimes you wonder if they're re-airing old shows, 'cause his jokes are super stale.

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Tuesday August 15th 2006

Honda drivers are irate little things. I wonder if it's because they hate their crappy little shitboxes?

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